Quiz: Which of the Dynamos are you actually?

We can’t all be Tanya

Listen the Mamma Mia! Films would be nothing without Rosie and Tanya. They’re iconic queens who are independent, great friends and love a good drink. And combined with Donna – I can’t think of a more powerful trio.

All of the women are confident, independent and self assured but apart from that they’re all different. Tanya is glamorous and loves the finer things in life. Donna is a free spirit and devoted mother. And Rosie is a softie with a passion for food.

We all like to think we’re as boujee and sassy as Tanya. But let’s admit it, we’re more clumsy and down to earth like Rosie. Or are you? We’ve created a quiz to see which of Dynamos you truly are.

Through nine questions such as your favourite cocktail and which quote speaks to you the most, you’ll find out if you really are as cool as Tanya. I’m sorry but we can’t all be her.

Take this quiz to find out which of the Dynamos you are:

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