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Which Selling Sunset cast member are you? Take this quiz to find out

I will only be accepting a result of King Romain

There’s one thing you can’t deny about Selling Sunset: It brings us a whole lot of characters. That office has hosted all types of wild, weird and wonderful personalities. And in this quiz you’ll find out which of those personalities, from the cast members of Selling Sunset, you are most like.

There’s part of King Romain in all of us, a slow burner who has taken three seasons to really come into his own and say what everyone is thinking. There’s also a huge divide between those of us who identify as the fierce “villain” Christine, or the seemingly caring and must-protect-at-all-costs Chrishell. Or maybe you are more of a ride or die like Amanza, or sensible and driven like one of the two Oppenheim twins?

It’s time to find out the answers once and for all.

Take this quiz to well and truly find out which Selling Sunset cast member you are:

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