These 36 Selling Sunset season three memes are even wilder than Christine’s outfits

We’ve really all had it with Davina, haven’t we?

Life has been a whole lot better since Selling Sunset season three was released on Netflix. It’s been sunny, the drama has been back, we’ve been basking in million dollar listings and of course, the memes about season three of Selling Sunset have been top tier.

It seems like this season we’ve well and truly had enough of Davina, but couldn’t be more here for out girl Chrishell. We can’t get over Christine’s jaw-dropping wardrobe and have welcomed a new King in Romain.

Here are the best memes about Selling Sunset season three, so far.

1. It’s the truth

2. Relatable

3. Come put her in her place hun x

4. This is so accurate it actually hurts me

5. I just love him ok???

6. Amanza should have been on it from the start

7. Lmao try and stop me x

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8. A real life King



11. Give her a full cast role

12. Everyone deserves an Amanza in their life

13. Honestly who could do this to our girl?

14. Quite simply

15. Where is the lie?

16. This is actually spot on

17. I feel like this is very fair

18. DRAG. HIM.

19. Straight up

20. Literally heartbreaking

21. Life isn’t all bad

22. I’ve never respected someone more

23. Nailed it

24. Awks

25. Pretty much


27. This is me at least once every episode

28. Dream

29. Finally some ANSWERS

30. Iconic

31. Boy, bye

32. How does she manage it all day, seriously?


34. We could have told you that much for free

35. Savage

36. And now, we wait x

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