A Selling Sunset quiz to see how much money you would earn in commission

Quiz: How much commission would you earn as a realtor on Selling Sunset?

If you don’t know what an infinity pool is you’re not making millions I’m afraid


It’s been very well established that we’re all obsessed with the art that is Selling Sunset on Netflix. After watching the show, there is no doubt you’ve dreamt about packing everything in to become a realtor for The Oppenheim Group making hundreds of thousands in commission. This quiz will tell you how good you would actually be if you worked with the Selling Sunset girls.

Should you pack your bags, move to LA and grab the desk next to Christine to start your life as a hotshot realtor? Or should you stick to the day job and never attempt to sell a house in your life? Would you sell the $75million listing in your sleep or do you not know the difference between an infinity pool and a paddling pool?

We’re not all cut out for the tough job that is real estate, but some of us definitely are. Find out below if you’re blessed with the knowledge you need to earn millions in commission.

Take this quiz to see if you’d be any good as a realtor on Selling Sunset:

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