Trivia quiz to guess prices of Selling Sunset and Oppenheim Group listings

Quiz: Only Jason himself can accurately guess the price of these Oppenheim listings

Challenge accepted

Selling Sunset gets us all feeling some kinda way about luxury real estate – the lifestyle looks fun and we want in. Do you see yourself as the next Jason Oppenheim? Well, being able to value houses is a pretty good place to start – so before you go setting your sights on being the next Selling Sunset cast member, let’s build the foundations in a quiz where I challenge you to guess the price of some listings.

Do you know your $75million listing from your $8million Hollywood Hills pad? How much value does a stunning view really add? If you think you’re going to make it big, then you really should get to know. In the quiz below, you will be faced with a number of listings that have featured on Selling Sunset, and a couple straight from The Oppenheim Group website, too. All you have to do is guess the price of them. It really is that easy. Or is it actually quite hard? You’re about to find out.

Take this quiz to see if you can guess the price of these listings from The Oppenheim Group and Selling Sunset:

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All photos within the quiz are via Netflix or The Oppenheim Group