A personality quiz to see which girl from Selling Sunset on Netflix would be your bestie

Take this quiz to find out which of the Selling Sunset gals would be your bestie

I can see myself hanging out with Amanza, why not?

Everyone has a favourite real estate agent from Selling Sunset. For some it’s fiery Christine, or sweet and kind Chrishell and for others it might be the wholesome newbie Vanessa or the dramatic addition Emma. And at some point, we’ve all thought about what it would be like to be working at The Oppenheim Group and who from Selling Sunset would be our bestie – so this quiz is about to give you the real answers.

Who are you gossiping in the office and bitching about all the other girls with? Whose is the first face you’re looking for when you enter the huge Oppenheim parties and the one you’re going straight over to and spending the whole evening with? Are you the type of person who could fit right into an iconic duo of queen bitch vibes with Christine Quinn? Or are you the other end of the spectrum and after an unproblematic and wholesome, drama-free friendship with Maya?

You can only be besties with on of the girls from Selling Sunset – so it’s time to finally find out who it is in the quiz below.

Take this quiz to find out which of the girls from Selling Sunset would be your bestie:

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