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What is this strange frog and rat name trend people are doing on their Insta stories?

Let me explain to you the frogs and the rats

Lockdown brought with it a whole host of ridiculous Instagram story trends that quite frankly I am OVERWHELMINGLY glad to be rid of. The loo roll challenge, the 30 day song challenge, the Bill Clinton album challenge. We were so bored we became unsettlingly cringe. Like, forwarding chain mail in year seven just in case Bloody Mary appears at the bottom of your bed level cringe. But right at the end of lockdown, aka now, the best trend of all has appeared – and I don’t want it to die. It’s the Instagram frog trend, and it’s just nice.

It’s basically the equivalent of going to a shop when you were a kid and seeing those funky key chains with names on them, then loving the thrill of the chase trying to find your own name. Except with frogs. And on Instagram. Let me explain.

What is the Instagram frog and rat trend?

You may have seen your mates sharing random pictures of frogs or rats on their stories with their names on them recently – this is the trend. Like seriously, that’s just it. There are whole accounts devoted to posting pictures of frogs, rats or dogs along with a certain name. They’re usually called “what dog you are” or something of that ilk. One of the most popular accounts is @what_frog_you_are, which already has over 165k followers. Who knew frogs wielded such power?

How do I do the Instagram frog trend?

You don’t do it, per say. You just find an account and scroll until you find your name. But some of the accounts have become so big – with over 600 posts – that they’ve created spreadsheets for you to find your name with your corresponding animal, saving you a lot of scrolling time.

What animals are there other than the frog?

The Instagram frog started it all, it seems, but now there’s many animals of choice to find your name associated with. There’s dogs, rats, cats, turtles – you name it. Chances are if you go into the Instagram search and type “what [insert animal of choice] are you” there will be an account for that animal of choice. Honestly I don’t know who’s making these or how they sprung up out of nowhere but with each animal I discover I’m enjoying them more. Viva la Instagram trend which should never die – the Instagram frog.

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