How to do that swaggy Bill Clinton record challenge everyone’s doing on Insta

Yeah I just said swaggy, what you gonna do about it?

There has been a plethora of Instagram challenges as of late. Some more bearable than others. While we’re all still reeling from the reappearance of “challenges” on even the most perfectly curated Instas, it’s becoming increasingly clear that there are definite degrees of lameness to these things. Running 5k is not that lame. Necking a pint is slightly more lame but bearable if it’s done quickly enough to warrant actually being on the story. The 30 day song challenge is simply inexcusable. Pick your fighter. Just don’t pick that.

However, one rather aesthetically pleasing fighter has emerged – the Bill Clinton four albums challenge. It’s a bit of a vibe, it’s unassuming, it’s not getting in anyone’s way – it’s certainly not repeated every single day for thirty whole days (yes I’m still annoyed). But you might be thinking to yourself “how do I make those Bill Clinton record Instagram challenges everyone’s posting? Will it take me three hours on photoshop? Do I need a graphic design degree?” Fear not. We have all the answers.

What is the Bill Clinton record Instagram challenge?

It’s not a challenge, as such, because all you have to do is pick your top four favourite music albums. But picking your top four albums is actually mad stressful so the word challenge still feels appropriate. The four albums of choice will be cradled by a relaxed Bill Clinton, for aesthetic purposes and not much else, screenshotted and then popped on Insta. You tag the mates that nominated you, and then however more you want to pass the curse onto.

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How to actually make the Bill Clinton record Instagram story

It’s hard to believe that any gen X, Z or millennial (I don’t know which is which anymore and frankly I have stopped caring) would spend over five minutes working on an Instagram story – so don’t worry, it’s not going to take you three hours on Photoshop. The challenge is literally the least challenging thing ever. Pick your albums, then head to and go wild.

Then screenshot and you’re good to go. Your followers will be amazed. They will stare at your picks and marvel at them for hours. Spotify will contact you and ask you to be their personal brand representative – you’re that cool. Tame Impala will hit you up and ask you to feature on the next album. Your mum will weep.

Anyway, that’s how to do it. You’re welcome.

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