These 21 Hannah Montana memes perfectly describe everyone’s mood right now

‘Leaving my room to go to the living room’

This week Twitter has got us feeling all nostalgic with the hilarious Gossip Girl memes and now it’s time to dig even deeper into our childhoods with these iconic Hannah Montana memes.

The Hannah Montana No Context Twitter account, yes that is a real account, shared a video that everyone is using to create some quality memes.

The video features Miley Cyrus leaving her childhood home that we all dreamed of in Malibu. She closes the door, looks through the window longingly and blows a kiss. And now everyone is using it to describe how they would have treated the bar if they knew it was the last time, leaving their bedroom for half the day or going home from a party early to have a good cry. See, it works for all contexts.

These are the 21 funniest Hannah Montana memes:

1. And we’re done

2. My big exciting trip for the day

3. I’ll be seeing you soon my love

4. Damn, should have given it the respect it deserved

5. It is a deal breaker tbf

6. I came for the food


8. It’s real tough having to do this in a mansion

9. You guys meant so much to me, bin.

10. Rip to the oat milk flat white

11. I deserve a break

12. Hahahaha


14. The OG snake

15. You’re so beautiful, I love you, call me.

16. Wow this one hit hard

17. Why do we do this???

18. Come at me

19. Don’t make me leave that good dick

20. I’ll be back again tomorrow

21. I won’t be seeing you for a while

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