Everyone is losing their minds over what they can hear in this viral audio clip

Do you hear fortnight? iPhone? 9 4? Nice one? Eye for an eye? Throw a knife?

Remember a couple of years ago where the entire world lots its head over whether you could hear Yanny or Laurel in *that* audio clip everyone was listening to? Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a similar thing is happening again – but this time it’s worse. The hot debate is heightened because everyone can hear so many different things in an all new clip. Do you hear Fortnight, iPhone, 9 4, nice one, eye for an eye or throw a knife in this audio or do you hear THEM ALL?

Right now you probably think this is all crazy talk. But take a listen below and try and tell me you have any idea what you’re actually listening to.

The TikTok was posted yesterday, and everyone in the comments has gone crazy. One reply says: “Everything…once I look at the word I start hearing it.” Whilst others are all arguing the case for hearing one of the other options. Another added: “This is worse than Yanny or Laurel” and honestly, I agree.

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Nobody seems to have offered a valid answer as to why we all hear different things. And we need the answers, we are LOSING OUR HEADS.

If you have any idea what is going on here, please email [email protected] – I need this. 

So does the audio say fortnight, iPhone, 9 4, nice one, eye for an eye, throw a knife or all of them? Let us know what you hear below.

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