Can you hear Brainstorm or Green Needle or both in this recording? This is why

Please help, my brain is broken

If you thought the whole Yanny or Laurel debacle was frustrating, you aren't ready for the new viral audio recording taking over the internet. In this clip, a man is either saying brainstorm or green needle. But it gets weird because the word can change depending on which one you're thinking about:

Basically you can hear what you want, just with the power of your mind and people are seriously shooketh.

Try it out for yourself:

Think of "green needle" and listen to the audio clip.

Now think of "brainstorm" and listen to it again.

Some people are even reporting to hear "brain needle" or "green storm" if that's what they think about.

Crazy right?! The clip is part of a Ben 10 toy review on YouTube. And the actual sound coming out if it is meant to be "Brainstorm."

Brainstorm or green needle

The Youtuber behind the viral clip, DosmRider, has only caught on with the whole phenomenon yesterday and he's just as confused.

Professor Valerie Hazan a speech, hearing and phonetic sciences expert from University College London spoke to the Huffington Post and was able to explain what the hell is going on.

On explaining how you can switch between hearing both words, Professor Hazan said: “The reason that a person can see their perception switch without explanation may also mean that our ears and brain have latched on to the other acoustic pattern than the one they were previously latching on to.”

As it did with Laurel or Yanny, what word you hear, also has to do with the quality of speakers/headphones you are listening on as well as your learned frequency association, and physical hearing decay/damage.

If you change the pitch of the audio, "brainstorm" will sound a lot clearer.

But some are convinced the whole "Brainstorm or Green Needle" thing is some kind of black magic. I guess this case is truly for the FBI.

Brainstorm or green needle

What do you hear? Brainstorm or Green needle? Or both?

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