Everyone is losing their shit over this picture of some strawberries

To be fair it is pretty mad

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There was a time when we thought the internet was going to change the world. A digital frontier, they called it.

But then everyone went crazy over that dress that was maybe white and gold or maybe blue and black. And then there were those legs with the white paint (or maybe not?) on. Well, people of the internet, do we have a new optical illusion for you!

It’s these strawberries. These strawberries are not red. At all.

No seriously, we shit you not, they’re greyish-blue.

Why would we lie to you? What would he have to gain? There’s no red in this photo at all, and that’s a god damn fact.

And yet your brain thinks they’re red, because that’s what your miniscule human brain expects.

That’s it, I’m done. I’m going outside for a bit.