I am responsible for the white gold dress internet sensation

‘Someone actually asked for a selfie with me’

It was the dress that made everyone take a second look — and it turns out the woman responsible is a Glasgow Uni employee. 

Alana MacInnes uploaded a photo of a white and gold dress (or was it blue and black?) and left millions bewildered.

The corpus assistant for the Digital Archive of Scottish Gaelic explained she was overwhelmed by the attention.

Alana, 22, said: “I really don’t think there are words for it, it’s unreal.

“Somebody actually asked for a selfie with me today.”

While playing at a wedding on the Inner Hebrides isle of Colonsay, Alana and her band discovered a dress that divided opinion on not style or shape — but colour.

Alana MacInnes

Perplexed Alana posted a picture of the dress on Facebook, looking for an answer.

A few dozen likes, shares and comments seemed to do the trick before the party was reassured.

The dress was, in fact, white and gold or blue and black depending on who you asked, often varying between one person to the next.

After that, the phenomenon seemed to simmer down, to be left as one of life’s many mysteries.

But fast forward a few days later when Anna’s friend Caitlin reposted the same picture on Tumblr — and the reaction was unbelievable.

Share after share across the internet led to articles everywhere and a meteoric surge in publicity.

Mega-stars like Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian also posted the dress and had no clue what colour it was.

Alana added: “We can’t believe the interest in the dress.

“I’ve not had much chance to see who’s actually sharing it. My phone is going wild.”

Of all the celebrities sharing the picture Alana said: “The most random thing I heard is that the Prime Minister of Singapore had picked up on it, it’s crazy.

“Companies like Gillette, Microsoft and Lego are using it in their advertising campaigns, it’s surreal.”

Alana has been recieving a lot of attention from her friends and family as well.

She said: “My mum has been pretty excited between her and journalists I’ve not had much time off the phone.

“Everyone is excited and pretty shocked by the whole thing.”