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This is why some people can hear Yanny and others Laurel in that audio clip

It’s all about the frequencies your brain picks up

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I don’t mean to panic you, but the Yanny or Laurel debate is arguably the biggest thing since that black and blue dress that broke the internet. People can’t seem to make up their minds up over an audio recording. Some are hearing it as “Yanny” and others are hearing “Laurel.” And if you’re asking yourself the question: “Why can I hear Laurel?” or “why can I hear Yanny?” We’ve finally cracked the reason some people are hearing different things and what it means about you.

Here is the audio which has successfully divided the internet:

Some people are saying they can hear Yanny then Laurel in the audio, whereas others are reporting the opposite:

And someone even sped it up and slowed it down, to show how altering with the speed is changing what people can hear.

Seriously, people are shook because in it you might be able to hear both Yanny and Laurel:

Brad Story, the Professor of Speech, Language and Hearing at the University of Arizona explained that because the audio isn’t of good quality and people are listening through different devices means everyone is hearing different things.

But we also have a theory that both words are being said at once in different frequencies. Because when you remove the low frequency, you can only hear “Yanny” and when you remove the high frequency, you hear “Laurel.”

If you’re asking yourself either “why can I hear Laurel?” or “why can I hear Yanny?” Listen to this audio and you might be able to hear both:

So there you have it. If you’re hearing “Yanny” it just means your brain is more receptive to the higher audio frequencies and if you’re hearing “Laurel” you pick up on the lower frequencies.

And younger people will be way more likely to hear higher frequencies, while older people are better at catching lower frequencies.

Why can I hear Laurel? Why can I hear Yanny?

Is it Yanny or is it Laurel? The internet can’t decide

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