Everyone is losing their damn minds over this picture of Vans

No but seriously, if you look closer they’re pink

Friends have been lost. Relationships broken. Two years since the traumatic experience of fighting everyone you know about that black and blue dress and those stupid blue strawberries, the colour optical illusions are still wreaking havoc amongst tight-knit communities.

The latest culprit is this Vans trainer. And I swear, this is the worst one yet.

This is the picture everyone is losing their minds over

At first you see grey and mint green. And once upon a time, I too, was part of that camp.

This is a side by side of the original, untouched picture

But then – and this is the weirdest thing – when you see the original photo, you just can't unsee the pink and white.

And now it's pink and white

Right? RIGHT?! Mindblown.

Most importantly, other people agree that the shoe changes colour and it's always reassuring to know you've not completely lost the plot.

If this is a marketing campaign run by Vans, made to consume people's minds, this is genius.

I for one, am going to take a walk outside for some fresh air because I'm shook.