These 25 Gossip Girl memes are more iconic than Blair’s headbands

So go girl

Gossip Girl memes are taking over Twitter after everyone realised the seven letters that make up the TV show’s name could make some iconic jokes.

If you haven’t seen the memes plastered all over your feed, the typical set up is a picture of Serena with text over it asking a question or a statement and beneath it there’s a picture of Blair with a sassy reply created by the letters that make up “Gossip Girl”.

For example this one about the US and Iraq:

These Gossip Girl memes just work so well because you can 100 per cent imagine Serena asking a dumb question and Blair responding with an eye roll and an iconic witty reply. God I miss this show so much.

The memes started out with people using purely the letters within “Gossip Girl” but some of the best are just when people completely hijack them and create a jokes meme like “and I oop girl.”

Basically they’re hilarious and you need to check out every single one of them here:

1. Si girl

2. Honestly

3. Tragic

4. Duh

5. Hahahhaha

6. Oh dear Serena

7. I love this one

8. Blair is here to be your cheerleader

9. So good!

10. And red means stop

11. And that’s the tea

12. Friends x Gossip Girl

13.  A Gossip Girl crossword crossover

14. Use a condom!

15. Biology from Blair

16. I played with your heart, got lost in the game

17. A gaming history lesson

18. What a throwback

19. Hiss Hiss

20. OG Rihanna

21. Get your sat nav out girl

22. Obvs.

23. These are the best memes of the year

24. We’ve all been there

25. Saved the best til last

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