Everything that’s gone down in the Greg, Amber and Anna breakup drama

There are definitely three people in this breakup

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In shocking news, Love Island 2019 winners Greg and Amber split last week. However, in the days since it's seemed as though there are three people involved in the breakup: Greg, Amber and Anna.

In fact, make that four – Anna's sister has also been backing Amber's corner. There have been constant Instagram story videos, TV interviews and shade throwing. It's been a lot to keep track of.

Here's a rundown of everything that's happened between Greg, Amber and Anna (and Anna's sister Mandi). You're welcome.

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Greg and Amber split up last week

It was revealed last Friday that Greg and Amber had broken up just five weeks after the Love Island 2019 final.

Amber was said to have been left "devastated" after Greg dumped her by text. A source told The Sun: "Greg has broken up with Amber and is blaming their busy schedules and now they want to focus on their careers.

"Amber feels used by Greg. He was always aware of the distance and his career in their relationship, and yet he chose to seek out Amber in the villa knowing there would always be the distance.

"He hasn't made any effort to come to London to see Amber, despite it being over five weeks, it's always Amber who had to make the effort."

Greg spoke out and said the breakup wasn't over text

Everyone instantly clocked on that Amber and Greg were meant to be appearing on The Late Late Show in Ireland on Friday night, the day they had split up.

Greg went on the show anyway, but Amber didn't. This was awkward enough as it is. Obviously the breakup was spoken about on the show and Greg said: "Me and Amber have been chatting the last few days and the whole thing about breaking up over text isn't true. But we need to be realistic about the situation, and the fact she's in the UK."

"We're both so busy and we need to take these opportunities and protecting our careers. She has every brand wanting to work with her, and I'm trying to make the team for the Olympics with the Ireland 7s.

"It was over a long time, it wasn't just one text."

He also hinted he might want to get back with Amber in the future saying he's "mad about her" and he hopes "she's mad about me too". He added: "Who knows what the future holds."

The interview was a lot to take in.

But Anna's sister suggested otherwise and shaded Greg live on Instagram

It wasn't long before Anna's sister, Mandi, got involved. On Anna's Instagram story she posted a video of her saying: "It's facts. She's got screenshots out here. Don't test me."

Anna then takes the phone off her and says: "That's enough guys. Can't trust Mandi with my phone." Mandi can be heard saying in the background: "You all want to know the answer but we can only break the news to you through text."


Then Anna's sister and Anna posted a video of them singing Beyoncé 'Sorry'

Yeah we all know what the lyrics to that song are: "Boy, bye."

People started GOING for Anna and her sister Mandi

Obviously the videos are mostly of Anna and her sister and people were quick to go for them about posting Amber's business online.

One commented saying Amber didn't look involved and like she was "sad and uncomfortable". Another said "Anna's sister really wants to be famous". More tweets said the sisters were "all about the clout" and that posting so many public videos was "childish".

One tweet called Anna and her sister The Cramp Twins and accused them of not letting Amber "heal in peace".

Anna then took a screenshot of the tweet and accused people of being "racist" towards her and Mandi. She said: "Had enough of this constant attack of hating bullshit at me and Mandi. It's crazy if anything Amber is SOOO lucky to have the KRAMP twins around her, we give her love and support and a place to stay. I'm the best friend any of you could have.

"All I can put this down to is hate and racism because we are Iranian and don't have the kind of support system as other ethnicities in this country which is sad so we are targeted by others and even our own because we are easy victims to pray on."

Amber spoke out and defended her 'best friend' Anna

Amber reshared Anna's post of the screenshot and added: "This woman is the best friend I could ever wish for, she supports me 100 per cent. She has made me feel so good over these past few days and these comments need to stop.

"I'm happy so why's everyone else so bothered? She's trying to make me happy not you so go about your business please."

Amber shaded Greg even more, saying her and Anna's relationship was the realest thing to come out of the villa

Amber then shared a picture of herself and Anna on her Instagram story. It had a GIF on it that read: "This is real love" and the caption was: "The realest relationship to come out of the villa and that's the truth. I love you so much."

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Greg who?!

Meanwhile, Greg has just been hanging out with the lads

Obviously nobody knows how Greg is really feeling, but he doesn't appear phased one bit. Since Greg and Amber split, he's posted nothing about it on social media. Instead, he's posted a picture of himself and some mates out for a swim.

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And Amber has spilled exactly what the text messages said!!!

It looks like Greg did end it all via text. Speaking on the Loose Women panel Amber said she was disappointed and didn't expect the relationship to come to and end. She said: "I think the careers and the distance was always a factor. I don’t know what changed. I wanted to make it work but it is what it is."

Amber went on to say the pair had spoken on the phone in the days before the split, but nothing was said about breaking up. She then explained: "I think there was a bit of miscommunication but I think if you don’t want to be with someone you don’t want to be with someone.

"Basically all I wanted was a bit of effort from him to come to London or Newcastle to see me. I said I’m going to have to give up if you don’t put the effort in.

"And he said 'okay bye'. I was expecting it to be a bit different."

The drama goes on!!!

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