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Sherif is already doing sponsored content for air fresheners

He’s outdone Georgia Steel here ngl

Fresh out of the villa, Sherif's already doing sponsored content and surprise! It's for an air freshener.

Just two months after Georgia Steel changed the spon con game with an epoch-defining Insta post about air fresheners, Love Island 2019's fallen hero Sherif Lanre has come along and shilled for the exact same brand: CarFume

Somehow, with Airpods in a Nissan, wearing jeans and a wry smile instead of Armani trackies and a weird hat, it's fine.

Possibly because Georgia's caption suggested she may be eating them, but who are we to judge? Eat those CarFumes! Get that bread!

Sherif was sensationally booted out of the villa last week in a cloud of mystery. Eventually it emerged that he kicked Molly-Mae in the groin and said "that's a c*** punt". This explanation put paid to the theories that he had a wank in the hot tub.

Since then, he's been speaking out, saying producers took no action when another Islander repeatedly rapped the n-word. Love Island bosses say they have no recording of this.

However, he also revealed that he'd been told off for other language before being booted, including calling Amber a "lightie".

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