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Love Island 2019 contestant ages: This is how old this year’s cast are

Is age really just a number for the 2019 Islanders?

Age is just a number, or so they say. This year's Love Island cast is more varied than ever before. It's great. Diversity on the show is what we want to see.

There's been a lot of talk of age already on the show. Amber looked rather disappointed when she found out Callum was 28 because he's "so old" – a whole seven years older than her!

Anton and Amy had a similar conversation later in the episode, eventually deciding it didn't matter. Whether this remains true we will have to wait and see.

Most of the boys and girls look way older than they are as well, they definitely do not seem like our standard twenty year olds. But how old are our contestants this year exactly?

Sherif Lanre – age 20

Someone has to say it – Sherif does not look like you average 20-year-old guy. The semi-pro rugby player could definitely pass for 30 and maybe this will play out well for him if he is to stay with Anna who's eight years his senior.

Tommy Fury – age 20

The young boxer was one of our late arrivals to the villa in the episode one. Being a late arrival he's going to have to crack on if he doesn't want to be uncoupled at the end of tonight's episode.

Amber Gill – age 21

In her whole 21 years on earth Anna has "never been rejected in her whole life". Despite claiming that she "eats boys for breakfast", she didn't seem too impressed with Callum after he revealed he's a whole seven years older than her.

Amber was clearly disappointed to hear of Callum's age and made no effort to hide that fact. When Callum asked her: "I look young for my age though don't I?" Amber simply replied: "No." HOW RUDE.

Seems like age could be a deal breaker in this situation.

Lucie Donlan – age 21

This "Surfer Barbie" is looking for a "bev" to call her own.

We saw Lucie leaving Michael for Joe almost immediately. Lucie has said she often gets a boyfriend around summer but gets bored by Christmas and ends up dumping them.

Here are some hot pictures of Lucie – you're welcome.

Joe Garratt – age 22

This baby-faced young entrepreneur had his eye on Lucie from the start but when we left the villa last night he seemed very nervous he was about to lose Surfer Barbie to Curtis or Tommy, the new kids on the block.

Curtis Pritchard – age 23

The younger brother of Strictly Come Dancing's AJ Pritchard was one of the surprise contestants that entered the villa last night.

Curtis appears on the Irish version of Strictly Come Dancing. His late arrival may have put a spanner in the works for some of the couples already.

Yewande Biala – age 23

Yewande has been "single for four years" but that feels she has spent like her "entire life" (23 years to be exact) without love.

The scientist Islander seems to be searching for "true love" and a genuinely nice guy to couple up with.

Yewande is currently coupled up with Michael.

Anton Danyluk – age 24

At the big old age of 24 he still gets his mum to shave his arse, which is actually gross.

Anton has already been under a lot of criticism before yesterday's episode even aired after pictures of him in blackface started circulating online.

Judging by the way he acted on the show last night it seems Anton may be an Islander that will cause a lot of drama.

Anton and Amy did have a conversation about their ages after they coupled off in the first episode. Anton agreed age is really "just a number". His wandering eye towards Lucie may show otherwise though.

Amy Hart – age 26

In her 26 years on earth Amy claims she has never had a proper boyfriend and always appears to be unlucky in the love department.

With Anton already wandering over to Lucie to try his luck, things don't seem to be starting too well for this former beauty queen.

Michael Griffiths – age 27

Judging from the first episode this firefighter with a bio-med degree, seems to be one of the quiet ones.

He's currently coupled off with Yewande – not by choice, mind you – and they were the last contestants left.

Anna Vakili – age 29

Anna is the oldest gal at the villa this year. She claimed she can never find somebody to love where she works because she says most people are all "old" or "sick", which is a bit of a peak thing to say when you work at a pharmacy.

The "British Kim Kardashian" once said "Meghan Markel got married at 36 so I still have time" and hopefully the eight-year age gap between her Sherif won't put her off.

Callum Macleod – age 28

Last night Amber told Callum he was "so old" and followed it up with a look that probably broke his soul into a million tiny, little pieces.

Callum is the oldest lad of the bunch so far and hopefully it won't be too much of a problem for this sweet Welshie.

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