Love Island claim cast won’t be attracted to plus-size contestants


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The show's not even started yet, and the boss of Love Island has scored a huge YIKES by implying islanders wouldn't be attracted to plus-size contestants.

Creative director Richard Cowles said the show wanted to be representative, but also wants the islanders "to be attracted to one another."

Fans have long criticised the show for not having enough body diversity, and that's only increased with the unveiling of the new cast.

Plus-size model Jada Sezer was a rumoured contestant a few weeks ago, but didn't materialise. When the line-up was announced, pharmacist Anna Vakili was called a "token" inclusion by none other than Jameela Jamil.

So it's fair to say these new comments haven't really helped things.

Cowles told the Radio Times: “First and foremost, it’s an entertainment show and it’s about people wanting to watch who you’ve got on screen falling in love with one another.”

“Yes, we want to be as representative as possible but we also want them to be attracted to one another.

“Also, we’re not saying that everyone that’s in there is how you’re supposed to look. We’re saying here’s a group of people that we want to watch for eight weeks, and we want to watch them fall in love. That’s not at the front of our mind, but we do want to be as diverse as possible.”

Y I K E S.

Meanwhile, an ITV exec said they were aiming for diversity with a "range of different personalities" and a "slice of British life".

People have obviously roasted Love Island for this, but few have reached the heights of this rinsing:

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