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Chunky trainers are bad for your feet, doctors confirm

RIP Disruptors x

2019 has become the year of the chunky trainer but podiatrists are saying the fashionable shoe isn't the best for our feet.

Chunky trainers have been a God-send – the ability to add some height and fashion without stumbling over snapping a heel, or worse, an ankle.

We've seen the stompers come in all shapes and sizes, some like the Superga 2802 COTU UP7 have a 7CM flatform are verging on being a bit too ridiculous.

But now doctors are saying this style of trainer is not too good for our health because of the way it impacts our shins.

A podiatrist, William Joyce, at City Chiropody and Podiatry in London said: “Thick-soled trainers are heavier. This can give rise to pain up the front of the lower leg, known as shin splints."

He claims the reason for these injuries “is because the extra weight can increase the demand on the muscles on the front of the shin.”

It doesn't look like the chunky trainer trend is going anywhere though. Over 250 of ASOS' trainers are chunky trainers and many podiatrists are saying chunky trainers are better for our feet than high heels.

The director of City Chiropody and Podiatry, Andrew Gladstone, claims chunky trainers are still a lot better for our feet than stilettos and other extreme heels.

He said: “High heels are generally worse than thick-soled trainers. Tight, narrow toe areas lead to corn formation, increased pressure on toes and joints, toenail problems, while thin, hard, leather-soled shoes can cause problems with the ball of the foot – corns, damaged metatarsal joints and general foot fatigue.”

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