Get the update: These are the clothes everyone will be wearing on campus this spring

And you won’t have to spend your whole loan to get them


What with all the recent sunny weather, you’d be mistaken for thinking spring is well and truly here – all this sun makes us want to bin our grim, dark winter clothes and give our wardrobes a massive, cheerful overhaul.

So we had a chat to some of the coolest students on campus about which upgrades are absolute must-buys this spring, and then worked with ASOS Design to bring you the hottest new looks, that won’t do any damage to your budget. Say goodbye to walking around dressed like a duvet, say hello to a more fun and fresh version of you.

The new way of layering

Louise, Southampton: Putting a polo neck top under a baggy T-shirt or a cute, square-necked dress is a sure-fire way to look really on-trend without actually having to make much of an effort – it’s super easy to just chuck on and roll out the door to your seminar. Bonus points for an interesting picture or a cool slogan on the T-shirt.

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Rubin, Nottingham: Layering is huge for guys as well as girls. I’ve seen a lot less of the slick streetwear brands like Supreme and Palace around uni – now it’s about going for a rougher streetwear look, which is a lot more thrown together. Wearing long-sleeved tops and T-shirts layered over each other really goes with this trend – it looks sick, plus, it won’t cost you your whole loan.

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Leave the puffer at home

Alicia, Bristol: I’m definitely seeing a lot less of the short borg and cord jackets that were all over campus last year – they’ve been replaced by long coats, which is great because they’re super flattering. 90’s has been really big at uni for the last year-or-so, but now the cutesy Y2K look is huge. Fluffy coats and long, statement jackets are really in at the moment.

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Patterns galore

Celine, Bournemouth: Animal print has been big for a while, but now people aren’t just going for a hint of it – they’re going all out. I’ve seen students wearing way more tiger print and snakeskin, not just leopard-print, and clashing and mixing patterns a lot. There’s no such thing as too much when it comes to clashing patterns.

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No more boring T-shirts

Jamie, Nottingham: I’ve noticed loads of guys on campus wearing T-shirts with cool logos, as well as long-sleeved T-shirts – they’re a great upgrade from your regular, plain top that you’d wear to a lecture – you’re pretty much wearing the same thing you’d normally go for, but it’s way more interesting without having to make any extra effort. Winner.

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Flares – but not as you know them

Jo, Edinburgh: I don’t think flares are going anywhere in a hurry, but people are definitely starting to mix it up a bit more. There used to be a lot of culottes and plain black ones about at uni, but now it’s more about ones that are patterned and a bit more interesting.

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Head-to-toe tracksuits are no longer just for hangovers

Rubin: Streetwear is still really huge for students, but some people are starting to bring out a more luxe element. For example, I’ve seen loads of guys in cool double tracksuits – what could be more ideal to wear for a whole day on campus? Pair it with some clean white trainers and you look slick without actually making any effort.

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Long skirts – not just for the librarian

Katherine, Bristol: Wearing a long, silky skirt to campus is so much comfier than jeans, and looks wicked too. Even though they can be really dressy, if you pair them with a baggy hoodie and some chunky leather shoes, it’s really casual to wear to lectures or the library. You can even mix two trends and go for an animal print one to tick all the style boxes, and make an impact on campus.

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Say goodbye to your skinnies

Jodie, Durham: It’s all about really baggy jeans, and experimenting with both low-rise and high-waisted too, or even dungarees – they look great with a chunky knitted jumper, and are so easy to wear for a day at uni.

Also, I’ve seen a lot of people on campus in those super straight, really starched-looking jeans that almost look like paper – if you want something a bit more out-there, it also looks cool when they’re a bit ripped or even colourful.

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The new skate park chic

Jamie: Recently I’ve seen people mix up the skate park look and make the look a bit sportier. It definitely involves more colours than before, but the white socks and thick-soled trainers are definitely still everywhere on campus. You can get some good vintage-looking sportswear without dropping that much cash on it.

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An excuse to buy new shoes

Maddy, Coventry: People, girls and boys, are getting more and more into ugly trainers as time goes by. Big, chunky and white are really popular on campus when it comes to shoes – they’re also comfy and really versatile because they go with so many different outfits. Chunky leather shoes are also really popular too – they really toughen up an outfit and give it a bit of an edge.

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A whole new world of accessories

Alicia, Bristol: Hair accessories are a big, big deal now. Before, if you felt like making an effort for uni you might chuck a scrunchie on, but now there’s no limit to what you can put in your hair – headbands are everywhere, in every colour under the sun – they literally look good on everyone, especially with a cute pair of gold earrings. Also, it looks really cool to use little hair clips to pin down straightened hair – it’s a really clean look and I’ve seen it a lot on campus.

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Styling and Direction: Fiona Willmott and Christina Fusco-House

Photography: Aline Aronsky

Make up: Shelly Feldman

Models: Shani Ross, Grace Lambert, Jed Quaresma, Saul Kilcullen-Jarvis