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What is binbagging? A trend of people vacuum packing themselves in bin bags

brb just gonna grab my hoover

What's the dumbest thing you've ever done for clout? Have you poked your bum right at a camera to make it look bigger? Maybe you've leapt in a hedge after a night out only to wake up to a classique Snapchat story the next day. Perhaps you take pictures of your significant other on Instagram and call them “this one”.

But what do you do once you've exhausted your repertoire of unbearably cringe things to do for social media in lieu of having actual fun?

Obviously, you put yourself in a bin bag and use a hoover to turn it into a DIY gimp suit. Obviously.

This is bin-bagging and it is truly the peak of modern-day clout chasing, and this is how you do it.

Most people are non-plussed, and dozens of comments read: "What's this?" Other commenters meanwhile are saying things like: "Is it bad that I wanna try this now?" The answer to that is obviously yes.

As you can see, the set up is fairly simple. All you need is a bin liner and a hoover. Then, follow five simple steps.

Step 1) Get in the bin bag

You have to make sure the bag is big enough to wrap round your shoulders. You'll be leaving enough space for the hoover to go in, so don't go tightening anything round your neck. One of the fearless warriors who's attempted it said: "It hurts a little… but it's super fun."

You know those crap bin bags you get because they're 50p? The ones that will inevitably tear because you can never be arsed to take the bin out? Yeah, they won't cut it. The bigger and more industrial your bag is, the more of your body it'll be able to wrap around.

Don't worry about the bag clinging to you forever. Once an opening has been made all the air will rush back in and you'll be able to clamber out with pride.

Step 2) Insert the hoover into the bin bag

This works better if you’ve got a friend helping you out, since you want both hands inside the bag for the trick to work. Alternatively you could try to manoeuvre it yourself, but you might end up rolling around on the floor with no one to keep you company except a vacuum you can't turn off.

If you've never used a hoover – and judging by the state of most uni dirtbags you haven't – it's worth noting you don't have to shove the entire thing in the bag with you. You can actually detach the bit that makes hoovering the floor easier because why would you even want that.

Step 3) Succ

Set the hoover going and the air will be quickly sucked out of the bag, forcing it to cling round you and turning you into a human raisin.

It's unlikely you'll be able to keep yourself in your vacuum-packed state, since turning the hoover off and removing it will break the seal.

Step 4) Soundtrack it with Crystal Dolphin by Engelwood

Obviously there exists no sound in a vacuum for science reasons but if sound could be a thing in your airless bin bag cocoon it would be this weird tune. If you didn't match your video to Engelwood's dulcet tones then you have missed an open goal.

You would honestly be surprised how many commenters across YouTube and TikTok are into this trend because of the song alone.

If you're sheep enough to follow a trend but indie enough to fancy expressing yourself a little, you can think outside the box for a bit before eventually settling on Old Town Road.

Step 5) Profit

Obviously there is no monetary benefit to being effectively vacuum sealed in a bag you put waste food in, but you’ll probably get some weighty laugh reacts on Instagram.

After you've enjoyed your four retweets you can put some thought into how you're going to top your magnum opus of banter. Maybe you'll rope in a child to do it next time, or dare to leave yourself wrapped in polyethylene until someone finds you and forces you to question your life choices.

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