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How to tell if you’re autosexual: When you’re sexually attracted to yourself

It’s an actual orientation

Do you look in the mirror and get turned on at the thought of yourself? Do you find yourself way more attractive than other people? Have you thought of only being with yourself for the rest of your life? Have you ever masturbated to a mental image of yourself? Have you had mirror sex, only watching yourself?

If so, you may actually be autosexual.

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What does 'autosexual' mean?

It's the idea of being sexually attracted to yourself, and can also come with being autoromantic, which means experiencing the relationship with yourself as romantic.

Sexuality is fluid and it's just another sexuality people may identify as.

How can you tell if you're autosexual?

Autosexuality manifests as a variety of erotic thoughts and sensations that are focus on yours truly. These are some of the characteristics:

– Sex with oneself and others, simultaneously. This is the most preferred type of sex, yet the least autosexual or independent.

– Sex with oneself while thinking of oneself: narcissism, enjoying touching, watching and imagining one's body, with romantic attachment to oneself.

– Enjoying mirror sex

– Being attracted to other people who resemble you

– Seeing yourself as the primary partner, even if you're polyamorous

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Who identifies as autosexual?

Not many people identify as autosexual, but one woman who identifies as autosexual and autoromantic, Ghia Vitale, married herself in 2017.

She became aware of her feelings at the age of seven, but didn't explore her sexuality until she went to university.

She told Metro: "My definition of autosexuality is being attracted to yourself. I’ve been attracted to myself for as long as I’ve been cognisant of attraction.

"My earliest memories of checking myself out in the mirror and feeling attraction happened at around age seven. I didn’t learn the term “autosexual” until after I graduated from college in 2013.

"My attraction to myself made me confused at times, but once I learned about autosexuality, I was glad there was a word for my experience. I’ve recognised myself as being in a relationship with myself since I was in college. I just didn’t have the vocabulary to express my experiences.

"Before that, I still had sexual and romantic feelings about myself, but always assumed a relationship had to be with another person in order to be valid. I now realise that my relationship with myself is as valid as any other relationship."

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