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How to make a girl come in three minutes

Introducing the Kivin method

We’ve taught you how to give nipple orgasms, touch a girl’s boobs during sex and what to do with the butt. Now there’s a new oral technique in town, which claims to make anyone with a vagina come in three minutes. It’s called the Kivin method and strap in because it sounds like a wild ride.

So what is the method?

This Reddit thread claims the new method of performing oral on vaginas apparently achieves an orgasm in three minutes. With some now claiming that 60 per cent of women and people with vaginas experience faster and more intense orgasms.

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How do you achieve the orgasm in three minutes?

The main trick is that instead of licking up and down, you’re licking side to side. This helps cover a wider area of the clitoris than the conventional method normally used.

Step 1: You lie at a 90-degree angle to the vagina, rather than head on.

Step 2: You use a back and forth stoke over the hood of the clitoris. Some people say that when the person receiving oral is aroused, two bumps called on either side of the clitoral hood can be felt. They swell up during arousal and apparently feel like half grains of rice.

Step 3: Gently place a finger on the perineum, the small space between the vagina and the anus. If you can feel involuntary, pre-orgasmic contractions in this area – you’re doing something right!

Step 4: Read the body language. This will help you retain correct tongue placement without wondering if you’re doing the right thing.

Step 5: Once you have started don’t stop. Keep going at a regular pace and continue past the point of orgasm, as often the stimulation feels most intense during the orgasm.

Extra tip: Use pillows and props for added comfort!

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Does it actually work?

One man wrote about the experience of performing the Kivin method on his girlfriend:

He said: “After a little awkwardness feeling out the right positioning for me and for her leg, as well as working out what to do with my hands, she was soon responding very positively.

“She came within about 5 minutes of me finding the rhythm and best hand position!

“This was definitely a big change – I often go 15-20 minutes and have her teetering on the edge without managing to get her to come.

“So basically I’m recommending trying it if you’re looking for a new oral technique for her.”

But don’t think it’s a guaranteed orgasm

Annabelle Knight told Cosmopolitan: “I am naturally wary of any new sex technique promising three-minute orgasms. But what is exciting about Kivin is that it encourages experimentation and stimulation of alternative erogenous zone.

“My advice is to give it a try – it may well work for you, but if it doesn’t it will still take you to exciting new places as a couple.”

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