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How to make a girl squirt

You gotta find that G-spot

Like the G-spot, squirting is a perceived to be a bit of a myth. It's one of those things you see in porn and presume to be fake, or hear about from a friend of a friend who claims they've managed to do it, but you don't quite believe them.

Despite the strange taboo around it, squirting is completely normal and possible. It's all about getting the vibe right and knowing exactly where to touch. Whether you're trying to achieve it yourself or want to know how to make a girl squirt, this is how you do it:

The vibe needs to be relaxed, otherwise it won't happen

To make a girl squirt you need to be completely in the moment. That means no interruptions, no housemates barging in your room and no where to be any time soon. There needs to be zero pressure on anyone to perform – so don't go into it being like "I'm gonna make you squirt", as it won't happen.

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Firstly stimulate the clit

Use a vibrator or your fingers to slowly rub the clit. Using lube will make it feel more pleasurable. You want to get the blood to rush to this area and to get the G-spot stimulated. It's important to go slow at first and gradually picking up speed, going between using fingers, tongue or a toy. If you need help, this is how to finger a girl or if you're a girl this is how to finger yourself until climax.

Then you need to move onto the G-spot

After playing with the clit focus your attention on the G-spot, as squirting is mainly caused from the G-spot being stimulated. Use sex toys which are specifically designed to hit the spot – they're usually relatively small and curve at the end. Or use your fingers and lube. The G-spot is around one to two inches on the front wall of the vagina. You'll know you've hit the G-spot because it's a different texture to the other parts of the vagina, the G-spot feels a bit like a ridge. Apply different pressures – if fingers aren't working try toys or sex.

You'll know she's squirted as there will be a lot of liquid

Squirting is different to 'normal' orgasm liquid as there is a considerable amount more. It might not necessarily squirt out like a fountain, like how you imagine it or how you've seen in porn. It can come out spraying, or it can be more like gushing out.

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The liquid will be odourless and colourless

Some research has shown the liquid from squirting is basically made up of pee, but others say it's the same liquid which is produced when you get wet. It's thought the liquid could be produced from the Skene glands, where both wee and your other sexual liquids are created – but basically it's not confirmed either way.

Get her to go on top or do doggy if you want her to squirt during sex

Both these positions mean she's more in control, and the angle of the penis is most likely to hit the G-spot.

Finger her and lick her out at the same time

Some women who have managed to squirt have experienced it when they're being stimulated in several places at the same time. One woman claimed the first time she squirted was when her boyfriend was giving her "oral sex while massaging my G-spot with his finger".

Size might matter

If you have an enormous penis it's unlikely you'll be able to hit the right spot to stimulate squirting. Most G-spot specific toys are much smaller than other sex toys, meaning a smaller penis could make squirting easier. Using fingers, or a sex toy, is your best bet.

It can take years of practice to squirt

Sorry if you're a big fan of squirting but it's pretty unlikely it will happen every time you have sex. For some girls it can either not happen at all or take years to master. Others have said they've squirted once, then not managed again for another year. The vibe would have to be right every single time for squirting to happen, which is unlikely.

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