Ottis how to finger a girl

How to finger a girl properly, by disappointed girls

For God’s sake don’t just start poking around down there


Lads, we know you didn’t ask for this guide, but we also know you don’t know how to finger a girl properly, so we’ve written it for you anyway. Because you need it.

Take our advice, we know what we’re talking about. A cheeky finger can make or break any sexual encounter, and if you do it right she’ll definitely be coming back for more.


The first thing to say before educating 50 per cent of the population on how to finger a girl is fingering shouldn’t go on for more than 10 minutes.

After a while, it just gets awkward, nothing is enjoyable and basically I’m waiting for you to stop trying to make me come and instead get down there and use your tongue instead. But for the first ten minutes, it’s pivotal you get a few things correct, mainly pressure and speed.

First of all, don’t go straight in two fingers deep into my vagina, prodding and drilling around like I’m going to come in the next 30 seconds. Before any fingering action has happened, there needs to be neck kissing, boob touching, thigh teasing to get me wet. Do NOT kiss me for five seconds then start heading south.

Start at the clitoris – in fact you can chill out there all day if you like – actual fingering doesn’t really do anything. Slowly, with a couple of fingers, rub in circular motions gradually getting faster, then slower, then faster. Don’t press down too hard like you’re bashing on some kind of buzzer – be sensitive.

Then you can mix it up, do an actual bit of fingering at a good tempo, maybe even use your thumb to rub the clit at the same time if you’ve got that skill-set. Then go back up to the clit and go a bit faster than before – by now ya gal is probably there. Just never, NEVER do fingering only and at a fast speed, like you’re trying to get your whole arm up there – it’s just not pleasant.


Look, the vagina may look complicated but it really isn’t. Firstly, please cut your fingernails because there is literally nothing worse than feeling like your insides are being scraped out.

Then, don’t be afraid to look at it and trust us to guide you. However sexy you think the rubbing of the inner thigh is, it is not.

If there’s anything you’re going to take away from learning about how to finger a girl, let it be this: the outside is just as important as the inside. Don’t go straight in for the kill and try to squeeze four fingers into a very dry vagina.

Circle the clit first (the hood at the top), vary the tempo and start off with light pressure and work your way up. This will work wonders and get her really wet. Listen to her breath, if it gets faster, then you’re doing something right. When it gets to this stage, you can switch it up, slip a finger in or two. When you’re inside, remember you’re not an electric drill and just go at the pace that feels right.

Fingering isn’t a standalone act, other things can be incorporated, such as the sucking of the nipples or kissing and make sure she’s actually enjoying yourself.


Firstly, don’t start poking around down there if she’s not already wet. Yes, this is foreplay, but you sometimes need some fore-foreplay to ensure that there’s no friction. Use lube if you’re struggling.

Start slowly, if you go too hard straight away she’s gonna dry up and it’s game over. One finger first, bit of clit action, then we can think about adding more.

If she responds well to clitoral stimulation and not G-spot, don’t rummage around in there too much, as it might just make her uncomfortable.
However, some girls find G-spot stimulation very enjoyable – if done correctly. If you’re happy to use your tongue as well, one finger rubbing the g-spot and licking the clitoris is going to guarantee a speedy orgasm.
Now, onto the technical stuff. Squirting. Not all girls can do it, but most who can don’t know they can because they haven’t had a man who can do it right. Now you can be the man (or woman) who can.

Find the G-spot with one finger, it’s on the front wall of the vagina, and start doing a kind of “come hither” motion. When you find it, you’ll know by her reaction. Stimulate this for a while until you both feel comfortable, then add a second finger if it fits, gradually increase the speed.

It’s essential to be careful about the angle, and that she is totally relaxed, otherwise it won’t work and could be painful. It’s best to be leant over and watching what you’re doing to ensure you’re getting it right, maybe holding one leg up if that makes it easier. At a high speed this will eventually cause her to orgasm, hopefully producing a lot of liquid. It’s a clear, watery liquid that is almost tasteless, and it will make the sex that follows very wet and fun.

Final point on how to finger a girl: when she has come, stop. There’s nothing worse than rubbing and poking when the good bits been and gone. She will not come again immediately, I promise.


Tension is key. There’s nothing worse than a boy who goes straight in for the kill. It just doesn’t work, we don’t enjoy it and it’s not the direction you want to take on how to finger a girl.

Firstly, touch outside of the knickers and the insides of my leg, stroke very gently. Wait until she’s wriggling around and wanting more before you venture inside the underwear.

Then, start with light stroking, and then switch up to more intense pressure and circle around the clit (hint: it’s near the top). Then, when she’s visibly ready for it, use your fingers inside her – start with one, and then increase to two, maybe three, if she’s feeling it. If she’s also feeling it, venture one gently to the back (but only if she really is feeling it).

Most girls need clitoral stimulation to come, so as you use your fingers, face your palm downwards to lightly touch it. Find a way to keep the clit very involved, it’s your golden ticket to success.

A few options here: carry on like this, and make her come. Or you could go down on her, or when she’s wet enough, have sex. Whatever you choose, finish what you’ve started and make her come. Sex doesn’t end when you’re finished. And, when she’s finished, give her a few minutes grace before going at it again (it’s very, very sensitive).


The clitoris. It’s that thing at the top. Take note. It’s not a set of turntables and you aren’t Tiesto so stop treating the poor little bean like this, it fucking hurts.

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to how to finger a girl, and it’s not all about penetration I’ll have you know. If you know your way around a clit then you’re golden. Be gentle yet firm and lube it up. We’ll thank you later.


Okay, quick question for all you lads. Why do you think an orgasm comes in finger numbers? Sticking three fingers up there is not going to make me come and is not how to finger a girl. In fact, I’m not even going to slightly enjoy it. It feels like I’m basically being fisted, as well as being dry as hell because I’m now so turned off, and I’m laying there thinking about all the ways to push your head down there instead because maybe you actually know how to use your tongue.

Like all my over lovely ladies have said, the clit is the key. In fact, I prefer it if you don’t even use your fingers. Just play with my clit. Only my clit. Small circular motions, at a lovely slow, intense pace – perfect. You all motor boat like my vagina doesn’t have feelings, which in fact it does. Take care with my area dear men, my vagina likes to be massaged, not rammed into next week.


Here it is, the much needed guide for all males – how to finger well. Slow and steady, build up is key. Do not come barging in with your fingers when it’s dry as a desert down there.

Warm me up – run your finger up and down my thighs and the outside of my underwear. Kiss my neck then you can run one, just one, finger around my clit. Start slow and get faster gradually, not all at once because no one enjoys that shit. Add another finger, maybe even use your thumb on my clit if you’ve mastered the art.

It will be easy to see when I’m enjoying it and when I’m not so listen to me and note my body language. Arched back and grabbing your hair = good. Build me up and then move your head down, that’s where the real fun begins.

And there you go, know you know how to finger a girl properly.

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