So, you’ve just started seeing a guy with an enormous dick

‘What the fuck do you want me to do with it??’

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Everyone always thinks that the bigger he is, the better it feels in bed. But those of us who have actually slept with BIG guys, can confirm that's not always the case. And it's not always an easy ride either. Quite literally.

And to make matters worse, you'll always hear horror stories surrounding big dicks. Various holes being torn open. Gagging and accidentally throwing up during head. Accidentally biting down on them. Lockjaw. The list goes on.

You never forget your too-big dick, but don't worry, we've asked girls who have had to deal with this awful situation for their best tips. And after that, this guide was born.

Firstly, don't just grin and bear it

Please only do what feels comfortable and right. One of the biggest mistakes people make is assuming that they should let the pain ride out. Just because they're sleeping with a guy who's well endowed, it doesn't mean you should go around hurting yourself.

Let him know this is the biggest dick you've ever dealt with

And I don't mean in a way to make turn him on. You need to let him know if you're ever uncomfortable, if you need to change positions, if you need to apply more lube or if you just want to stop. Communication is key here.

Make sure you're super wet before he starts putting it in you

Basically you want to max out on the foreplay. Whether that means going down on you, playing with toys, fingering, dry humping. Whatever gets you going.

How to deal with big dicks when it comes to blowjobs

Use. Your. Hands. Your mouth is clearly not going to cover all of it, so your hands will be your best friends.

Also, don't be shy about giving hand jobs!!!

You can give a handjob with both hands by moving up and down his shaft in tandem.

How to deal with big dicks when it comes to actual intercourse

Lube is a lifesaver. Also, don't be afraid to be in control, if you're the one initiating the movement during sex, you'll be less likely to hurt yourself. Take it in, bit by bit.

Also here are some of the best positions for having sex with a guy who has a big dick, according to girls who've done it

Reverse cowgirl, woman on top, standing up doggy, three legged dog, the proposal, side by side and the crab walk.

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