How to take perfect nudes for girls, by girls

Wow these tips will leave you feeling INSPIRED


"How to take a good nude?" is a question asked by many across the world. For centuries, nudes have played an essential role in Western art but also, in getting you laid.

It goes like this: You meet a hottie, they find a creative, non-creepy way to ask you for a nude (because they read this very important guide on how to get nudes) and you're left thinking "Should I send a nude or not?" all because you don't have a perfect nude to send.

But wait, if you knew how to take the perfect nude properly, you wouldn't even have to think twice about it. Which is why we asked girls to share their best nude taking tips:


Get creative with lighting, if you’ve got some Venetian blinds use shadowing to obscure parts of yourself. Don’t be afraid to get into some crazy positions, but only take pics of yourself in comfortable positions and angles. Make good use of backgrounds! Plain white is classic but bedsheets are sexy.


My favourite kinds of nudes to send are ones where I’m not completely naked. If I have really sexy underwear on, I’ll take off my bra and get a mirror selfie. The trick is to not look directly at the camera, otherwise it looks too forced. Make it look more like “Oh I just caught myself in the mirror and thought I looked really good, so I thought I’d send you a pic" rather than "I've taken the same 300 shots for the last five minutes." Utilise things around you. If there’s a chair nearby, you can sit on it in a really suggestive way. Make sure you’ve got good lighting around you too, lighting plays a massive role in accentuating your best assets. And always send them to your friends first, they'll give you an honest opinion.


Lighting is essential when taking a good nude. Always make sure the light is facing towards you rather than behind you, otherwise you’re going to be in shadow and it won’t look good. Bathroom light is my fave, in the bathroom mirror. It means you get a lot of your body in, or you can control how much. I usually do The Pushback, which makes my boobs stick out a bit (important for anyone who’s part of the iddy biddy tittie committee) and pushes my bum back which makes my hips look good. Never smile (unless it’s a DRANK nude), and never look directly at the camera – it’s too intense.


I find the best nudes are the ones which are taken wearing sexy or lacy underwear. It means you leave a bit to the imagination and don’t give it all away at once. You’ll probably end up dirty talking and then send one later on with all your kit off.


Taking a nude is like creating a masterpiece. You have to think about background, lighting and composition. Never have your floordrobe on show or your childhood toy in the background – try and have an all white background, that way you can edit it well if need be in Insta or VSCO cam, or take it on HUJI.

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If you’re taking a mirror selfie, please clean up your room and don’t have anything embarrassing or dirty in the background.


Don’t kill the vibe by wearing socks or anything else that’s not sexy like an ugly dressing gown. And honestly take your time with it and take as many pictures as you want. Make sure you’re comfortable as any discomfort will come across in the photo.

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