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Meet Love, Joe Goldberg’s new obsession in the second season of Netflix’s You

The character’s name is called ‘Love’


Our hearts have just about stopped racing after THAT finale of season one of You, and now Netflix have confirmed that series two is happening!!!

But they've also announced that Joe Goldberg is going to have a brand new love interest (and victim) called "Love."

Victoria Pedretti (who you'll recognise as Nell from your other Netflix obsession, Haunting of Hill House) has been announced as the female lead for series two.

Her character has been announced as an aspiring chef by the name of Love Quinn, and Netflix have since revealed that her brother's name is Forty. Yeah, as in tennis. You really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Series two is expected to make its way onto our Netflix by the end of 2019, with filming starting this month.

You can check out Victoria's Instagram here, and her handle of then0t0ri0usvip can't help but remind us of beckinreallife…

Season one taught us a lot of things, like always check when your psycho ex is in fact dead after you batter him; never trust a guy with a weird basement under a bookshop; and INVEST IN SOME DAMN CURTAINS.

I mean I can't help but wish they'd cast Blake Lively so we can get the Gossip Girl sequel we all deserve, but we already can't wait for series two to drop.

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