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You can now send voice notes and video call on Instagram

*Deletes all other apps*

Prepare to have a lot more storage on your phone, as Instagram has got some new features which means you can delete all other apps and do everything on Insta.

You can send voice notes, video call people, as well as sending GIFs and having a bank of saved responses – all via DM. So basically, Instagram is saying – delete WhatsApp, Messenger and even iMessage – you don't need those anymore.

What are the new features on Instagram?

All the new features can be accessed through the DMs section on the app – voice notes is the microphone button which is found where you type the message, and GIFs and saved responses can be found by clicking on the plus button where you type out messages. Video calling can be done by pressing the video call button in the top right of the conversation.

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Instagram already is undeniably the best app for new features, you can see how many people visit your Insta, see when people save your Insta posts, stop seeing people's stories, make your story get seen first, see how long you spend on the app, unsend DMs, and there's so many filters you can put on your posts that make your editing perfect every time.

Here's where to access the new features

Saved responses mean you can keep some phrases or words you say often, so you can send them quickly without having to type them out. For example, when all your mates are sending you memes you can add the response "hahahahaha so me" so you don't have to bother writing out the same reply every single time.

The first button (pictured) is the voice note option, and the plus takes you to where all the other features are.

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When you click on the plus you can see all of the new options – voice notes, pictures (that's always been there), GIFs, saved responses, and the option to just send a love heart.

Here is a full guide to the Instagram newsfeed algorithm.

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