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Every reason people who use voice notes are getting it so right

‘Hi it’s meeeeee’

Last weekend, in the early hours of Saturday, I experienced something spectacular. I sat next to a drunk girl on the Overground who was recalling all the tragic details of her night into her phone for a good five minutes, for the whole carriage to hear. Then she turned to me and said: "Excuse me, do you want to be in my voice note???"

About two years ago, this just wouldn't have happened. There would have been a lot of confusion on that train. But now there's an unspoken understanding. "Ah, she's sending a voice note".

Voice notes are the future and you can absolutely quote me on that. And while I'm here, it's weird if you're not sending them already.

Michael Samy, Tech expert and co-founder of StoryGen PR, explains that the convenience and rise of voice recognition means voice notes are becoming more popular. People like being able to convey unique emotions like sarcasm over voice notes, which you can't via text.

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As with everything adopted en masse by the female population, voicenotes inevitably have their critics – a lot of boys don't get it. My dear friend Josh argues: "Voice notes display a complete lack of respect for the person you’re sending it to. It’s rude, it’s never worth the hassle and fundamentally, it's a flawed method of communication."

But the thing that Josh doesn't get is, they've changed our lives for the better. Texts are completely open to misinterpretation. Plus they take fucking ages to type. Who has time for that? How about a little voice note instead? You can pour your heart out in three short minutes. You can enjoy a walk whilst listening to your best friend bitch about her moronic boyfriend.

It's genius and in case you need any more convincing, let me tell you some of the reasons they're so great:

Firstly, they make your life feel like a fucking movie

When you send a voice note, you'll realise your life is full of drama. Who else has a life so entertaining, events have to be condensed into a two minute voice note? They give you an air of important and an illusion that life has an ounce of meaning!

The most exciting thing is when you can see someone recording audio on WhatsApp, or waking up to loads of voice notes

It will make you feel loved and cherished. Also, you can get all your private jokes across.

Voice noting your mate is a whole new level of friendship

Voice notes require an established trust. You don't just voice note anyone. You're letting them know you care enough to hear their voice, without having the pressure of a phone call.

Your voice sounds way better, making you sound like the best version of yourself

Whether you're giving a pep talk or recounting the dramatic events of last night, you sound like you've had elocution lessons. Sure, your voice has just gone up like three octaves higher, but you're a way more engaging and captivating storyteller.

They can be actual bullshit but they're still the most satisfying thing in the world

I once did this for 27 minutes and my friends didn't even complain about it. Instead they thanked me for providing entertainment for their commute. Even normally boring conversations sound interesting.

When your hands are busy, you can just talk into the mic

Voice notes give you the freedom to multitask. Busy people can voice note on the go – we all know you can't type with a cup of coffee in your hand. And they're good for your health. Typing all the time can you give you carpal tunnel and staring at the blue light in your screen all day disrupts your sleeping pattern. Science!

I'm honestly convinced they're really good for your self esteem

You heard it here first, they probably have the inverse effect of what Instagram does to our mental health.

When else can you send your best friend a voice note about all the petty gossip in your life or weird conspiracy theories about the food industry??

Whether it's at 3am in an Uber, on your way to work or during the night out post-mortem, your stream of consciousness finally has an audience – your poor friends!

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