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This is exactly how to edit Instagram photos perfectly, as told by experts and Apple

Insta fame here I come!!

Don't lie, you've definitely sat in front of your phone and wished you could edit your photos like an influencer, have a beauts feed and loads of followers. Well, that might not be far from a reality as Apple offer classes to teach users how to edit their photos. The art of the perfect Insta isn't actually too hard to crack – so how do you edit Instagram photos and post the perfect Insta?

There are so many mysteries of Instagram, which might make posting the perfect Instagram seem like an impossible task. Like how to get that 90s filter on your posts, how to make your Instagrams look like an old video recording or how to edit photos well.

Here are the answers to all of your questions – because it's clear we are all Instagram obsessed.

All the best apps to edit your Instagram photos on

It seems the whole population of Instagram have been following the craze recently to post photos that look quite vintage, with orange and blue tints and the date in the corner.

No, they aren't suddenly investing in vintage cameras, it's actually an app called HUJI – and it's free in the app store.

It's a must have if your Insta aesthetic is old-school vibes.

Here's a full guide on how to use HUJI.

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If that's not enough vintage for you, there's more editing apps out there.

There's also apps that can make your photos look like an old video recording. Unlike tanned, warm and fuzzy HUJI, they make you look grainy and a bit blurry – but in a hot, retro way.

Camcorder and VHS Cam allow you to take a video in this style. Here's a full guide on how to use this app.

Frankie Gaff from Made in Chelsea uses it – so it must be cool.

Other influencer favourites, and apps that are constantly listed as the best editing apps out there are VSCO, Adobe Lightroom and Snapseed.

These apps are littered with creative filters, light leaks and editing hacks.

They all have more subtle and some more obvious filters – if you dgaf about people being able to tell your photos are edited.

Plus basic editing tools and more creative tools – but the apps are still simple to use. You'll never use an Instagram filter again.

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How to get Instagram editing classes

If you still can't quite get your head around it, fear not – as Apple offer editing classes.

Apple staff are literally called geniuses, so there is nobody better to take advice from.

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Just me getting the best angles x

According to Engaget, the company offer an over-the-phone training program that teaches you how to edit in a 30-minute one-on-one session with a specialist.

It'll show you how to use everything, from the more simple adjustments like auto enhance to deeper edits like colour balance and exposure.

In the classes you can also learn all about live photos mode and portrait mode – which are settings that make your photos that cut above the rest.

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