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How to stop losing followers on Instagram, by the people who unfollowed you

Welcome to hell, where this is one of your life’s priorities!

On the 13th of September 2018, I posted a picture of myself and like four people unfollowed me on Instagram. Feeling hollow inside, I needed answers. Why did I get unfollowed on Instagram? And who were these traitors?

I'm thinking: "It didn't have to be that deep." They were watching my stories all the time. I know my profile looks semi-cool with all the vintage Huji filters on my pictures and I know loads of people visit my profile every week. They could have easily muted me if they cared enough about my feelings, right?

But most of the time it has nothing to do with our personalities. It's as simple as people not liking the content you post or the stories you make.

So I asked people how to be less annoying on Instagram by getting them to tell me what makes them unfollow others:

Jamie, 26, Paisley

I unfollow anyone who is pro-Trump or Tommy Robinson or is overly political on a consistent basis. I also unfollow people who only upload content of their partner or uploads picture of cats but not dogs.

Also one time, I ran a poll asking if my dog was handsome and like 90 people said yes and two said no. Those two got unfollowed.

Anastacia, 21, London

One thing that annoys me is when people post photos of designer clothes they just bought, very clearly showing the price off.

There was also another person on my timeline who posted weekly pictures of flowers being sent to her by her boyfriend. She always made ungrateful comments about it and so she's recently been unfollowed.

Nora, 22, London

People who are not authentic and people that when I compare myself bring me down. I unfollow friends who aren't really friends and I can't remember how I actually know them. This also includes all exes and friends that I have a broken relationship with. They say that you're over someone once you stop following them on social media.

Joshua, 22, London

People who get political on their Instagram stories always make me unfollow.

Roisin, 27, London

I unfollowed a wannabe blogger because her boyfriend called someone they didn't like a slut on her Insta stories and she laughed like it was the funniest thing ever. She also posts about women and feminism a lot.

Mica, 24, Sheffield

When people post pictures of their things (presents, clothes, jewellery and other flashy things.) Anyone who promotes brands or does any kind of promotion. And people who do really long Insta stories – sooooo boring!

Zara, 21, Warwick

When all people's stories are of themselves with filters ie. never showing what they really look like ie. being catfishes.

Patricia, 22, London

When people don't stop reposting old pictures.

Phoebe, 21, Edinburgh

I unfollow people who are clearly chatting bullshit or people who record themselves listening to music with dog ears on Snapchat and then put it on Instagram? Why??

I also unfollow fit women who make me feel shit and people who go on too much about being a personal trainer.

And people who post pictures of their steering wheel on Instagram to try and show off – I have two things to say to you. Why are you so pretentious? And also please get off your phone and drive!

Arti, 25, London

I unfollowed someone because they're an English graduate but kept using the word "loose" instead of "lose" far too many times… Also "on accident" instead of "by accident.". Arghh!!!

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