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This is how you can see how many creeps are saving your Instagram pics

I’m not sure how I feel about this


Picture the scene: you've just posted one of your best selfies yet, it gets loads of likes and you feel great. But did you know, you can actually go one step further and see if anyone has saved your picture?! AND if they've forwarded it on to anyone else?! Now this could be a huge compliment – it might be someone loving your outfit and saving the pic so they can go and get it themselves, but it could also be your pics getting sent down a WhatsApp group and being rinsed. If you want to know how to check if people have saved or forwarded your Instagram posts, then here you are.

How to tell if someone has saved or forwarded your Insta post

To be able to see if someone has saved or forwarded your posts you first need to set up your account as a business profile. This can be done under settings by selecting "switch to business profile". People with business profiles can also see how many people have viewed their posts, and loads more insights.

Then you can go on your individual posts and click "view insights":

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Then these insights will show you how many likes and comments as well as how many saves and forwards the post has had:

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Circled in yellow is the number of forwards, i.e. your post being sent to someone else via direct message, and circled in green is the number of saves, i.e. someone saving your post to their own Instagram.

Can you tell who has saved or forwarded the post?

From within the app you can't tell who has saved and forwarded your posts, and nobody can see photos that each other have saved via their profile.

So unfortunately, there isn't a way to see who these people are.

This is exactly how the Instagram algorithm works.

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