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This is how to tell if someone has blocked you on Instagram

Firstly, how dare you

Not so long ago, my friend's boyfriend blocked me on Instagram. I found out because an app notifies me when someone does. But, how can you tell if someone's blocked you on Instagram?

It's one thing to unfollow, or maybe stop liking my posts, stop viewing my story or hide my Instagram story completely, but to block me?? Just rude. It was at that point I was sat pondering – how, did we as a society, get to this stage? But, at least when you know who blocks you, you have the upper hand in knowing their secret.

Here are the ways you can tell if someone has blocked you on Instagram:

Search for their username

If you know their username and search for them and nothing comes up, this is usually a red flag.

If you then log out and search for them on incognito, or get a friend to search for their username and it does then come up – yep they've blocked you.

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Get a blockers tracking app

Sometimes, it really is that deep and the traitor ex-followers that block you should be strictly monitored.

There are countless apps on the app store that have got your back.

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Apps are an easy way to track who has blocked you

If you search "Instagram blockers" or "unfollowers app" or "followers tracker" most of them come up – and they all work in pretty much the same way.

You log in with your Instagram and there's a section to see who has blocked you.

The only thing it will never be able to tell you is why they did it – which there are endless possibilities for.

Common reasons people block each other for include: a falling out, finding your posts annoying, generally hating your aesthetic, not wanting you to be able to creep on them or even because they secretly have a crush on you.

Outright ask them

Rogue and a bit daring, but if you have any inkling someone might have blocked you, you could just ask them.

Yeah it'll probably make them feel very awkward if they have – but they deserve it.

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