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Snapchat DMs, festival tickets and Love Island: Here are this year’s most desperate uni clearing offers

One uni has Premier League footballers answering their clearing hotline to panicked students


Loads of students miss out on their uni offers and end up going through clearing. What's more, is that universities are only too aware that each time they pick up one of these students it's another £9250 per year in their pockets.

Naturally, this means universities can get a bit desperate in their bid to beat their competition to signing up new freshers. Some have used Love Island, Premier League footballers, Snapchat and even Tinder to get undergrads through their gates.

Here are the most desperate, and more than slightly odd, ways unis are trying to get students to join their unis this year.

Staffordshire are making offers to students by sending them Snapchats

Staffordshire University were the first uni to make offers to students via Snapchat last year and have continued this for their 2018 intake.

Laura Allen, Social Media Officer, said "We used Snapchat last year and we've experienced a large uptake in followers since that time.”

This is part of Staffordshire's "Clearing Made Clear" campaign which will lead to offers also being made on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Aston University made their own Come Dine With Me show

Aston University have launched a revamped social media strategy in an attempt to appear more relatable to prospective students.

The more practical side of this included their #HelloAstonUni campaign and the introduction of campus geo-filters on Snapchat. However, the absolute highlight of Aston's clearing campaign is the Aston Uni edition of Come Dine With Me, which you can watch below.

Salford have made a Tinder style app to help freshers find the best course for them

Salford have run this campaign since 2015 on their app and website titled: "A Match Made in Salford".

On the app, students must enter their areas of interest and number of UCAS points before swiping left or right on potential course choices that they want to "hook up" with.

De Montfort have got real-life Leicester Premier League footballers to answer their clearing hotline

As part of an ongoing partnership between the university and Leicester City Football Club, Leicester players such as Wilfred Ndidi, Ricardo Pereira and Layton Nduwku answered the phones to panicked freshers calling about clearing.

They could have at least got Jamie Vardy at the very minimum.

Roehampton are sending Love Island style text messages to prospective students

I wish I was joking.

Leeds Beckett have made an Amazon Alexa app

Potential Beckett students will be able to download an app to their Amazon Alexa to help them find a course.

Commands include "Alexa, ask Leeds Beckett to help me find a course" and "Alexa, tell Leeds Beckett I have 200 UCAS points" allowing students to search for the courses most relevant to them.

Birmingham City University are offering free festival tickets if students sign up quickly

BCU encouraged freshers to "slide into their DMs" and if they received an offer before 12PM, they would receive free tickets to BCUFest – the uni's student festival.

University of South Wales have released this bizarre video of people jumping about

The students in the video definitely didn't go through clearing, as they most likely honed their jumping ability on A-level results day, celebrating their four A's with a jumping A-level results pic.

Nottingham Trent University are trying to get students to break up with their first choice uni

It's kind of weird and personable and I'd rather not go to a uni that wants to date me tbh.

Which university have launched an M&S style advert? The University of Huddersfield of course!

The University of Huddersfield have clearly taken a leaf out of the M&S advertising book, with the tag line: "This is not clearing. This is University of Huddersfield clearing."

Whether students will be convinced that it isn't really just regular old clearing remains to be seen.

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