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If you think it’s hot now, wait till you see Megan from Love Island’s spicy, spicy photoshoots

You would literally be a fool not to look at these

It's pure fact that Love Island's Megan has had a seriously rough time during this year's competition. So much hate has been posted that she's turned off her comment section on Insta – just because us jealous fucks can't get over the fact we aren't as fit as she is.

We've already seen all of her previous photos before her plastic surgery, following her from supply teacher to absolute bombshell. We want to pay for the Kylie package she paid for and will go to any lengths to go to her clinic. We already know what we want, from an actual surgeon who told us what exact plastic surgery she's had. If you have to £25K to spare, you know where to spend it.

I'm saying enough is enough. We need some gal support out here. Who are we to comment on her when she legit glowed up for all of us on telly and served us some tea? We should be super grateful – she is the key to all our confidence successes and don't even try to tell me you wouldn't shag her. Her smile and her bum make her a solid 10, she looks good in swimsuits and even better in corsets.

We just want to put all our megs in one basket, so grab some water because you're about to be thirsty AF.

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