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This is the cosmetic surgery Megan from Love Island has had, according to a plastic surgeon

It’s quite a lot

Since old photos of Megan from Love Island appeared on our screens yesterday, we've all been wondering if it's actually the same person (it is) and how it's possible to make such a dramatic transformation.

Well, as with most celebrity transformations, it's due to cosmetic surgery. Yet the knowledge that Megan has had work done wasn't enough, I wanted to know exactly what she's had done. Just, you know, in case I suddenly acquire a small fortune and decide to make some improvements.

Hello! magazine confirmed today that Megan has been getting surgery done since the age of 14, when she had her ears pinned back.

To get this vital info, I spoke to a Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Roger Amar who analysed the before and after pics to give me a detailed analysis of what work she's had done.

What cosmetic surgery has Megan had?

Ears pinned back

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Megan reportedly had her first operation at 14 years old when she got her ears pinned back while at school. This would have cost her between £2,500-£3,500.

According to the NHS website, this procedure involves making one small cut behind the ear to expose the ear cartilage, removing small pieces of cartilage if necessary, scoring and stitching the remaining structure into the desired shape and position. Lovely!

The recovery period is about two weeks.


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According to Dr. Amar, "the images could indicate she has undergone a rhinoplasty procedure to alter her nose."

Rhinoplasty takes around two hours with results showing from about 6 months onwards. the recuperation period is one to two weeks. If done in London, this could cost around £6000.

He added: "My clinics perform rhinoplasty through the upper cheek, to improve the shape and appearance of your nose. Nose surgery can also improve impaired breathing caused by structural irregularities.

"Rhinoplasty through the eyelid or upper cheek approach can harmonise the shape and size of the nose in relation to other features of the face, as well as dealing with issues of asymmetry, nostrils that are too wide or a tip of the nose that is bulbous or drooping."

Cheek and lip fillers

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Dr. Amar says: "It also looks like she has had cheek fillers as her cheekbones appear more prominent and defined. As well as this, her lips look considerably fuller so I suspect she has also had lip enhancement due to the increase in volume."

Cheek and Lip Fillers can take around 30-45 minutes with results showing immediately but it looks best after two weeks. There is little to no recuperation period and a patient is normally back to work within 24 hours.

For fillers, each session might cost £800 to £1000 for lips and cheeks together.

He added: "With many filler substances, they last from three months to a year, and the most popular is hyaluronic acid, but this can cause allergies and underlying issues in the skin, such as permanent swelling which can last two years after initially having fillers."

Eyelid surgery

According to Dr. Amar: “There have been major advancements made in non-surgical treatments for eyelid appearance. Cosmetic eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, can correct the appearance of drooping skin and removes any excess fat on the upper eyelid.

"Looking closer, Megan’s upper face presents a discreet relaxation of the lower lid called scleral show from a lower blepharoplasty. She could have also, when compared with the photos younger, a discreet upper blepharoplasty with fillers."

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Botox in the forehead

Hello! spoke to Dr Somji who revealed: "There's not much movement in Megan's forehead when you watch her on Love Island. It looks like she's had Botox, which costs around £300 to £400. Megan's brow position has changed slightly too – it used to be raised but now it's more horizontal."

The recovery time for botox injections is two to seven days.

Breast enlargement

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Megan also seems to have had a breast enlargement which would have cost her £5,000-£10,000.

The recovery time after getting a boob job is a few weeks.

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