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Old pictures of Megan from Love Island have surfaced and she looks completely unrecognisable

This. Is. Not. The. Same. Person.


She might be a massive snake, but Megan has that old Hollywood glam look about her. She's this big lipped, doe-eyed, blonde bombshell and everyone is falling at her feet. It's undeniable that she is incredibly good looking.

Hello! Magazine uncovered the pictures of her from 2012. Honestly, I'm shaken.

Megan is wearing a polka-dot dress and has a way more natural look. Her hair is long and straight and her eyebrows are very thin. She has the foundation lip look about her – admittedly it was the fashion six years ago.

But now she looks completely different, everything about her looks different. I'm not even sure they're the same person.

Who is Megan Hanson?

Megan describes herself as "not your typical Essex girl" and says she has a quirky personality. While she may initially appear confident as she adapts to life inside the villa, her friends have said that deep down she's actually quite shy.

In her official bio before entering the villa, Megan said: "I wouldn't want to break up Laura and Wes because I can tell they really like each other." Funny how that's turned out.

After professing on the show that she doesn't have any girl friends outside of the villa, viewers have been saying this isn't that surprising considering the way she's pursued Wes despite him being happily coupled up with Laura.

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