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This is savage!! Jack’s ex is going to be waiting for him in the new Love Island villa

Will Jani make it through this?!

Love Island's strongest couple Dani and Jack seem unbreakable, but there's trouble heading their way. Not only has it been confirmed that Jack's ex, Ellie Jones, is going on Love Island. It's now rumoured she will meet him in the new villa Casa Amor, without Dani being there!!!

Jack's ex will get alone time with him and she's made it clear she wants him back. And that is bound to shake things up between Jack and Dani.

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An insider told The Sun Online: “Once in the villa, the boys are going to be tested to see if they would stay faithful to their partners or whether they’d have their heads turned.

“Jack’s ex-girlfriend Ellie Jones will be waiting there for him and she’s made it clear she wants to win him back.

“So time alone together could be the end of him and Dani.”

Who is Jack Fincham's ex Ellie Jones?

All we know so far about Ellie Jones is that she's a secretary, rumoured to have quit her job in order to join the Love Island cast.

She was reportedly going out with Jack Fincham, a pen salesman from Essex, until days before he left for Majorca to enter the villa, where he has now become an official couple with Dani Dyer, daughter of Danny Dyer.

He even liked all of her pictures on Instagram before he left the country.

Apparently she was pretty pissed off about him getting off to the island, and is following him there to win him back.

Is Ellie Jones entering the Love Island villa?

According to friends, "Ellie recently quit her job as a secretary and told everyone in the office that she's going on Love Island,” a source told The Sun Online.

“She said that after seeing Jack on TV, she got in in touch with the show and asked to go on.

“She and Jack were very off and on, but were together two days before he went on the show.

“She wants him back and will go in there trying to get back together with him. It's bad news for Dani as Ellie and Jack have a lot of history."

Will the producers send Dani a postcard of Jack and his ex in the new villa? Will she cope? Will Jack's head get turned by an old flame, or will he stay loyal to Dani? We can only wait to find out.

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