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Danny Dyer’s daughter Dani is first to be ‘confirmed’ for Love Island 2018

Her dad doesn’t want her kissing anyone on TV, awks

According to early reports, Dani Dyer, is the first person to be a 'confirmed' member of the Love Island 2018 cast.

The 22-year-old first appeared on Survival of the Fittest back in February this year, but had to leave on the second day after dislocating her shoulder in one of the challenges.

She was one of eight rumoured people to be in the Love Island villa a few weeks ago. Now it seems she has signed up for the show.

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Dani is a barmaid and an actress. She's also Danny Dyer's daughter, an actor you might recognise as Mick Carter from EastEnders.

I know, I can't get over the fact they have the same name either.

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Credit: Instagram/Dani Dyer

And according to The Sun, a TV source said: "Danny wasn't happy about her signing up to do Love Island because he doesn't want her have sex on-screen.

"He thinks it could damage her reputation in years to come. No father wants to see their daughter romping on national TV.

"He’s imposed a strict no-bonking ban as he doesn’t want her to do anything she regrets. He doesn’t even want her to snog anyone.”

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Credit: Instagram/Dani Dyer

Before Dani went on Survival of the Fittest, she said she'd be disowned by her dad if she slept with anyone on screen.

She added: “Me and my dad are really close, he’s like my best mate. It’s nice, I’m glad I’ve got that.

The fact Dani Dyer has reportedly been confirmed, contradicts the rumours that Love Island bosses have put a strict ‘new faces only’ rule on this year’s series of Love Island, to avoid "wannabe celebs."

If it means that we can expect to see old faces, will Theo be coming back too? Imagine him being  part of the Love Island 2018 cast, there'd be so much draaaama. ?

Love Island takes place in Majorca and starts early next month.

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