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It’s happening! These are the new rumoured people to go on Love Island 2018

One of them went out with Kylie’s ex, Tyga ?

We already think we know who the first boy and girl to go on Love Island 2018 will be. But since then, more rumours have surfaced about potential Love Island 2018 contestants.

This June, we're expecting more drama, more heartbreak and more iconic moments your whole life will revolve around. And seeing as Tyga's ex, a popular YouTuber and a Love Island veteran are rumoured in the 2018 line up, things could get very interesting this year.

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Last year’s cast set the bar high, will the new crowd live up to their predecessors?

Katie Snooks

Katie Snooks, a Youtuber with more than a 100,000 followers, posted a screenshot of an email from 'Love Island' on Twitter, with the subject line "Love Island 2018".

She captioned the tweet with "so tempted". Fans have since been speculating on whether she will appear in this year's series.

Zoella responded to the tweet saying: "OMG YES!!"

Dani Dyer

Dani, who first appeared on Survival of the Fittest, left the show shortly because she had an injury.

An insider told The Sun: "Producers saw in the brief time they got to know Dani that she is surefire TV gold like her dad."

She said on Good Morning Britain: "Love Island is more intense romance but with this [Survival of the Fittest] you could have chose it.

P.S. Only Danny Dyer could name his daughter Dani Dyer and get away with it.

Dima Ziadie

Lady Colin Campbell's son has been approached to appear on Love Island 2018.

A TV source told The Sun: "Posh Dima would be a great character for the show, as he's outspoken like his mother.

"He's privately-educated and has impeccable manners, so would be a suave addition to the luxury villa, but would be very different to some of the other Towie and Geordie Shore types who frequent the show."

Carla Howe

Carla Howe, a glamour model aged 27, has been dating Kylie Jenner's ex Tyga since July.

But she quickly ended things when she was approached by Love Island, according to The Sun.

A friend of Carla's said: "Carla was approached for Love Island and they weren't too happy about her having a boyfriend. She's recently met someone else but it's very early days."

Kem Cetinay

Kem, last year's winner, posted a throwback photo of him on holiday, captioning it: “Missing the hot weather… wouldn’t mind another summer in that villa. Second time lucky?”

Can you just imagine how fun and classic it would be if Kem came back for the new season?

And it would make sense since him and Amber have only recently broken up. A Love Island veteran turning up in series four would be ICONIC.

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