This is what the cast of Love Island Season 1 are up to now


If you're like me, you will have been getting ready in anticipation for Love Island Season 4 by watching the first two seasons on Netflix. All social plans have been scrapped to race home to see who Naomi is breaking up in the villa, who is getting an earful from Jess and whether Jonathan and Hannah are in another fight.

But like with every season, watching Love Island always crops up the same questions: What are the 2016 cast up to? Are the Season 4 2017 Love Island contestants still together? What does their LinkedIn say???

But with Season 1, all I want to know is did Jonathan and Hannah find their happy ever after? Is Max still fit? Did Zoe get banished from the church for shagging Jordan in the Hideaway??

See below to find out what Love Island Season 1 finalists are getting up to now.


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The dream team 🙁

The big question is did John and Hannah stay together. Spoiler alert coming up for all those who are yet to finish Season 1, but the answer is no.

John's engagement to Hannah didn't last long. If you don't know, John asked Hannah to get married on the show and she says YES.

Sadly however, they broke up in October of the same year. John said they went their seperate ways due to constant arguments, telling OK! he was "absolutely gutted".

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Off to Filming wearing my @gymking jeans ?

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Jonathan hasn't gone too far from the ITV family, now being one of the lads in TOWIE alongside his brother Chris Clark.

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Lockie's 30th ? #Towie

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In another exciting turn of reality TV events, Jon dated Chloe from Season 3, and he only found out they were over when he saw her on the show – savage!!!

After lots of ups and downs, even after Chloe came out of the house, a source told the Sun their relationship started to "fizzle out".

Jon was going out with Tayla Ling, but the pair broke up in August 2018, after being together for two years.


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She barely looks any different

Despite calling off the engagement with John in 2015, in March 2018 Hannah said yes to George Andreetti, a YouTuber. On the sidelines, Hannah was running a crystal healing class at her new man's Spanish holiday resort. Who would've thought it!!

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Last few weeks is all about chilling @fashionnova ??.

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Hannah announced she was pregnant in May 2019. In October, Hannah broke up with fiancé George, revealing as soon as she found out she was pregnant she broke off the engagement. Hannah said: "I left George when I found out I was pregnant, I had to do what is right for me and my baby.

In November 2019, Hannah Elizabeth gave birth to a baby boy.

Hannah is still a a glamour model and Playboy bunny, and has nearly 450k Insta followers.


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He's a baby daddy now!!!

Most Love Island couples don't make it work, with only Olivia and Alex from Season 2 being the most recent couple to stick together. But good news, as not only did Luis and Cally manage to say together, they had a baby girl!!

Their little girl is called Vienna, and she's real cute.

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Luis and Cally sadly split 16 months after Vienna was born, citing arguments and ongoing rows as the reason.

However, Cally accused Luis of cheating on her whilst she was pregnant with Vienna. Luis denied the claims.

Luis now runs his own business called 'Celebrity Cars', which provides vehicles for celebs.

This is Lu's latest offering if you're interested:

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BMW M5 4.4 V8 DCT Saloon available @celebritycars___

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He is also playing football again, this time for Nuneaton Borough FC.


Cally has released a single called Company, and it sounds like the type of thing you'd warm up to in a Pure Gym class.

She's got a new boyfriend. He's called Nathan Malcolm, and he's an ASOS model, so good on Cally!

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just him ❤️

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She currently has 540k Insta followers.


Gloucester boy Jordan (aka Hulk) and Zoe broke up shortly after the show.

Once a groundsman, the 34-year-old used to have an Only Fans, where you'd have to pay $14.99 to view his content. No, I don't know who the fuck he thought he was either!

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He's still built like a house, but what you really need to know is that Jordan uploaded not one, but TWO videos of him bringing a rabbit back to life on Twitter the other day:

If a big bloke like Jordan has healing hands and can resuscitate a rabbit back from the dead, I can do anything.

He's currently dating model Nina Joanne.

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My favorite fellow weirdo ?❤️? @ninajoanne_official

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Jessica won Season 1 with Max, but sadly things didn't work out. She now labels herself as "Mum life | Fashion | Realness" on her Instagram, and actually she's looking pretty beaut:

Post Love Island, Jess was going on holiday a lot with her mystery new boyf, as well as promoting several clothing brands like Miss Pap and beauty products. Basically she's living the life.

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In August, the mystery man was exposed as Jess announced she was engaged to Dan Lawry just six months into their relationship.

On Insta, Jess wrote: “He’s only gone and put a ring on it.

“What an emotional 24 hours I’m smiling so much my face actually hurts! My best friend has made me his fiancé in the best way ever ..”

She continued: “After knowing each other a long time the fact we finally made our way back to each other,I know everything was meant to be and I’m the happiest girl on earth right now.

“I can’t stop looking and smiling it still doesn’t feel real ! I can’t wait to be Mrs Lawry. Our story will always be my favourite love story."

In January, Jess announced she was pregnant with fiancé Dan Lawry. In June 2019, Jess gave birth to a baby boy called Presley.


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"Omg can't believe I thought it was a spider!!!"

I literally can't update you on Zoe because she deleted her Instagram AND Twitter, but before she separated herself from the world, she told Twitter her and the Hulk had broken up not long after leaving the show.

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I'm as confused trying to find any trace of her on the internet

The model and church-goer said: "To all those who have asked Hulk and I are no longer together. Thanks so much for all your kind comments and messages throughout, wish him all the best #onwardsandupwards."


Who cares what Chris is up to, let's just remind ourselves of that awful little hat and bow-tie get up he used to wear *shudders*

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Still fit

Josh left the villa as a single man, going all the way to the end with his pal Lauren. Getting out, Josh made it onto MTV's Ex on the Beach alongside fellow contestant Max, but in way more exciting news, he's now dating Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore.

He now promotes a nutrition company called Herbalife, going so far as to have 'nutrition' in his Instagram handle. Which means he's probably turned into one of those annoying people who talk about supplements and protein shakes all the time.

He also owns his own tiling business, called 3dCoverings. He could do this to your house (no thanks):


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Hard to find a pic of Lauren not half crying

Unlucky in love Lozza, who found fame on the show because she apparently got with Zayn from 1D, never round Mr. Right in the villa. She came third place with Josh, taking on the best friend/big sister role in the villa.

But same as Zoe, Lauren went underground, so who knows if she's finally found a fella.


For all those wondering, Max from Love Island is still pretty fit. Unlike the other contestants, he doesn't seem to be doing too much. Here's a pic of him lying on the sofa, supposedly watching old Love Island episodes:

Max won Season 1 with Jess. But despite coupling up right at the end of the show, Max and Jess went their seperate ways six weeks after leaving the villa.

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Like Josh, Max had a stint on Ex on the Beach. He apparently dated Charlotte Crosby (Josh is having his sloppy seconds looool), AND former Miss GB Zara Holland from Season 2. They only went on a few dates, and savagely Max called her "boring in reality and equally boring in bed".

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Now he can be found with a new girlfriend which he shows off on his Insta, which has over 200k followers.

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This time last week ??

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"I'm not a player I'm not a player" WE CAN SEE YOU PLOTTING

Naomi caused a stir in the house, being labelled a player after she pinched Josh THEN Max off Jess. Disliked by many, she's still getting some hate on Twitter:

Naomi's made her Instagram private, but after the show she was seen with Josh and at a premiere with Max – but apparently that was 'just as friends'…sure.

She has over 80k follows, and all we know is that she looks like this:

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You might have to zoom


And finally Omar. Cringe, skin-crawl inducing Omar, who tried to win over Rachel by serving her dinner stark-bollock naked with one of Chris' tragic bow-ties.

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Come on mate

He now spends his time pulling the same face in a lot of his Insta pics:

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Quiet one tonight I promise ?

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I spend my life in this place, 1 week till Dubai tho ?

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Good for you, Omar x

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