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Two babies, a fight and plenty of cheating: Where are the stars of Love Island 2016 now?

Oh how the mighty hath fallen

Plugging charcoal face masks, giving out 10% Missguided discount codes and modelling pink underwear for The Mirror, what else are the Love Island class of 2016 up to now? Well, the ones we care about.

Terry Walsh and Emma J Woodhams

Terry was the muggy Mike of Love Island Season 2. He came into the villa and literally every woman went all leg shaky over him. He managed to steal Malin off Rykard and when Malin was eliminated, even though he promised to leave with her, it wasn't long before he was getting with new hottie Emma.

Nowadays, Terry moves between London and Ibiza, buying yachts and hanging out with the lads:

Getting more and more hideous tattoos of women's faces.

Him and Scott remain good friends. Recently Terry tried persuade Scott to come with him to spend summer in Ibiza.

But most of the time he is doing meet and greets across the country, sipping Absolut in the VIP booth of Prysm and taking selfies inside cardboard cutouts with Psychology students.

Oh and he is still really fit:

Emma J Woodhams

Emma created loads of drama on Love Island by getting with Terry just a few days after he broke up with Malin. Then they had sex on top of the duvet in a room full of all of the other house mates. For some reason they thought the producers wouldn't show it. Unfortunately they did:

Their relationship lasted eight months, during which they enjoyed many wholesome nights in:

And many sad public appearances:

But eventually they broke up and Emma got back with her high school sweetheart Jordan, writing on social media: “There’s only one. This boy, my childhood sweetheart for three years before we grew apart to both do some living."

She even had a baby with him:

She has also been focussing on launching an app Your Way Fitness and just generally looking like the regional shot girl version of Megan Fox:

The past month she has deleted all of her social media posts of the baby daddy, leading people to speculate that they broke up.

Which is probably for the best because I stalked his Twitter and he is always tweeting stuff about women being sluts and photos like this:

It's just a bit sad isn't it?

Kady McDermott and Scott Thomas

Kady and Scott were a pretty solid couple throughout Love Island. After the show they lived together in Manchester until a series of arguments broke them up.

The Sun reported that after one night out, Scott burst into their home drunk, he woke up Kady and assaulted her. Although all charges of a domestic incident were dropped.


Now Kady has her own makeup line called By Kady and a fitness app called Body Goals by Kady.

But she seems to spend the majority of her time beefing with people on the internet. Her main rival is Amber Davis who she repeatedly claims never had genuine feelings for Kem.


Scott is still working as a PR guru in Manchester.

Most of the time you can find him plugging clothing brands:

Rumour has it he dressed up as a Peaky Blinder in an attempt to win back Kady because like every normal human she is in love with Tommy Shelby:

Cute coincidence.

Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey

These two are absolutely made for each other. They matched with each other on the first episode of Love Island and have been together ever since. Well they did actually briefly break up but then are you even a celebrity couple if you haven't had an on again/off again relationship? Now they have a kid together and look like a real life grown up couple.

They both regularly feature on The Only way is Essex.

Rachel Fenton and Rykard Jenkins

Rachel came into the villa and her and Rykard started getting with each other. That is, until Rykard roguely decided to sleep with with his best mate Olivia. But, Rykard managed to win her back by leaving the villa with her when she was voted out.

Adorable. Shame that Rykard seems to have cheated on her anyway. Rachel tweeted:

"Real men stay faithful they don't have time for other women because they are too busy loving the one they have."

And then after 18 months together, they broke up.


Rachel still works as an Orthopaedic nurse, except she gets to swim in jacuzzis with pink prosecco, receives free Miss Pap dresses, tooth whitening kits and she has enough money to enjoy shit like this:

Rykard alleges that she is now moving into a house with a 40-year-old but there is no sign of this on her Instagram, just her looking fit.

And being the most lovely smily nurse ever:


Rykard was hench at the beginning of Love Island, but he has got even bigger after it finished. I mean he actually looks like a mutant teenage ninga turtle.

Shock: He is working as a fitness trainer.

He was also in the news a few months ago when he reported that Kem from Love Island 2017 punched him in the face for flirting with Amber.

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Malin Andersson

After tragically losing both of her parents to cancer, Malin has become very vocal about ways to cope with grief, speaking on Five Live Radio and posting lots of motivational Twitter status'.

When her Mum was diagnosed, Malin cut her hair off and donated it to The Princess Trust, a charity that makes wigs for child cancer patients.

Malin describes herself as an empath, that is a person who has the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual. So like, if you were holding a grudge against some girl in your seminar because she bought the same red puffer coat as you, Malin would be able to sense it and take away some of your bad energy.

Otherwise Malin is living a quiet life, giving up all the club appearances for "soul searching".

Tom Powell and Sophie Gradon

Tom was storming around in a mood for most of his time on Love Island, throwing plastic cups of white wine onto the floor and turning unbelievably red:

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I am absolutely fuming, I am

Well these two somehow managed to keep their romance going, until a Twitter argument erupted in which they both accused each other of cheating:


Tom is just as red and musley as he has always been and he still wears those horrible tight short sleeved shirts:

And vests:

A while ago he went for a romantic dinner with Malin in Windsor, he described their connection as "somewhere in between being friends and a relationship." Pretty sure they were both just trying to make everyone jealous.


Sophie is working as a model, she lives in Newcastle and has an absolutely slamming body:

She now has a fit Italian boyfriend called Ashley Lenco:

He featured briefly on Love Island when he competed for a spot on the show against three other guys. He narrowly missed out, and according to Sophie it's because the other girls didn't like how much he fancied her.

Sophie told The Sun: "We decided to meet up and go for dinner. I knew I wanted to be with him and we have been inseparable ever since."

He looks like a painting.

Zara Holland

Zara lost her Miss Great Britain crown after it was decided that it was improper for a woman to have sex on television (wow). She then left the show on her own.

With all her woofy blonde hair, silky blouses and over the knee boots this Leeds girl is looking increasing posh:

Now Zara seems to spend most of her time in hot tubs:

Or hanging out with her new boyfriend Elliot Love, who coincidentally has never actually watched Love Island.

She said: “Elliot just likes me for me – which is a good thing seems I’ve put on half a stone since meeting him.”

Not sure where that stone has gone but you go girl.

Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen

We already know what these two are up to because they are on every D List celebrity red carpet, they're all over Instagram posing in matching velour tracksuits. It is only a matter of time before Olivia starts hosting Loose Women and your mum is nattering: "oh he's nice is that Alex Bowen int' he?"

Yeah whatever you are both hot and engaged.

Cool, I ain't even jealous: