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This is what the old Love Island villa looked like from seasons one and two

What a throwback

This week saw Love Island season two couple, Nathan and Cara, get engaged. In a classic act of romance, Nathan took it back to where it all started for the couple – the Love Island villa.

Behind the scenes footage of the proposal showed each room of the villa, filled with memories of their relationship on giant love hearts.

This had us reminiscing about the old Love Island days and that beautiful villa. Here's a quick recap.

The Villa

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The old villa

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The new villa

The old villa goes for a modern vibe with lots of glass. Those great big windows provided us with fantastic entertainment in season two. When Kady caught a glimpse of Tina and her then partner Scott, she well and truly lost her shit. Mooning her bum to the rest of the islanders – classic.

The Garden and pool

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The old pool

The old pool has more of a beach vibe with a deck chair smoking area situated behind it. This years villa, as a result of previous viewer complaints, has no smoking area at all. Given smoking areas are a haven for gossip, this is definitely an interesting choice.

Islanders can only smoke when given permission and must head to the smoking area one at a time.

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The new pool

Earlier this week, fans raised their concerns that old men were sneaking in for a cheeky dip in the pool. Luckily, it was just Charlie doing a few laps.

The Kitchens

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The old kitchen

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The new kitchen

The Bedrooms

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The old bedroom

Love Island season two saw beds in a circle. This year, however, the beds are in one line along the wall, making the bedroom a whole lot less intimate.

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The new bedroom

With less sex this year than in previous years, the formal style of beds might be why. Yet that still didn't stop Megan and Wes going at it in the middle of the day. Whoops.

The dressing room

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The old dressing room

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The new dressing room

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