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Love Island Gossip Column: Kaz’s shotgirl days, Frankie’s cute message to Samira and villa sex with the light on

Now THAT is a plot twist

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Welcome back to The Tab's daily Love Island gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web today.

Rumour has it, Megan will be asking Wes to be her boyfriend in tonight's episode

According to The Mirror, Megan will be taking a huge risk in opening up her feelings and asking Wes to be her boyfriend! In tonight's episode, she seeks advice from the girls before doing it, without realising Wes is doing exactly the same thing with the boys. The questions is, who's going to ask first?

Megan wore Eyal's hoodie to the hideaway last night

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Her first night alone with Wes may have been romantic, but fans spotted Megan wearing Eyal's hoodie in the hideaway when she walked into the hideaway last night. Amazing!

Kaz was working as a shot girl in a London club just a few weeks ago

Kaz is primarily a make up artist, but she has kept her other job as a shot girl very quiet. According to someone who worked with her in Tiger Tiger London just a few weeks ago, she sold loads of shots, Jägerbombs specifically, and probably made £400-£500 on Friday nights. Our insider reckons she's been doing it for a while.

The islanders have sex with the lights on while everyone else is in the bedroom

People may have been shocked at Wes and Megan doing bits in the bedroom with the lights on and everyone there, but according to Amber Davies "people get comfortable and it just happens."

Frankie's message to Samira on his Instagram proves their love was real

She may have been distraught about Frankie leaving but it seems like it wasn't all for nothing as Frankie posted "see you on the other side" on Instagram this morning. Awwww.

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Alex Miller is getting over Megan by getting with his ex on a night out

Even though he was demanding to be sent back to the island just 24 hours ago, Alex Miller was spotted getting together with his ex-girlfriend in a London club to help himself get over the heartbreak.

A lucky fan bumped into Eyal and Niall in the chocolate aisle of Tesco

Oh my god, they are real people after all!

Rosie has been inundated with hate messages after Adam shared her number online

Adam posted Rosie's messages online as a way of showing the air has been cleared between them. But a source told The Sun Online: “When Adam put her messages online he barely covered Rosie’s number – so anyone could see it.

“She woke up the next day to loads of sick messages, some were really rude and sinister. Poor Rosie has since been forced to change her number."

All the Love Island losers went out in London last night

The dumped Love Islanders reunited as they went to a London club called Reign. Surprisingly it wasn't a Love Island club appearance, but Charlie, Hayley, Rosie and Ellie Jones still made it out anyway. They ended up in a McDonalds, classic.

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Caroline Flack has broken off her engagement due to rumours of her fiancee cheating

Love Island's host broke it off with her fiancee, Andrew Brady, after being engaged for two and a half months. She told friends she believed Andrew was cheating on her and her friends revealed to the Sun Online that Caroline had been supporting him financially throughout the entire six month relationship. One friend said: “Caroline is heartbroken. She believed Andrew was The One, but now she believes he was using her.

“It’s a horrible situation, especially when she’s in the middle of hosting Love Island. Andrew began to treat Caroline very badly and became totally toxic to be around.” Maybe she needs to find herself an islander.

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