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Okay seriously, why did Dr Alex’s veins look so weird last night on Love Island?

Should we call him… a doctor?

Last night during Love Island fans were concerned about Dr Alex's veins being super visible on the night camera. He was lying in bed with Alexandra with the left half of his body showing out of the covers and it was like his skin was see-through. Now people want answers.

In the Love Island villa, the lights are turned off at bed time and suddenly turned on in the morning (which is why the islanders often wear sunglasses in bed). This means that in order to see any activity that might be taking place, night vision cameras are used to show the islanders in bed.

A lot of theories have been flying around about why Alex's veins are so visible. One girl tweeted that he might be taking Roacutane acne medicine as it thins your skin.

Others are linking it to his red skin and sun burn, as they think his skin is thinner and more sensitive.

These rumours however are untrue! It's just because of the night vision camera used on Love Island to show the islanders as they sleep.

This shows that Alex and Alexandra's veins are both visible

Why does the night vision camera show veins?

Near-infrared (NIR) is used in night vision cameras to show the a spectrum of light not visible to the human eye. NIR highlights iron, which is present in blood, so therefore the blood in Alex's veins is detected and shows up as dark on the camera. Simple!

If you look closely you can see that Alexandra's veins are also showing up.

Alexandra's hand

This proves that it's not an issue with Alex's skin, as Alexandra's veins are also very prominent on the night vision camera.

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