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Love Island Gossip Column: Look who’s been spotted at the airport and more about Jack’s ‘Soup Girl’ revealed

Let’s pray Danny doesn’t see the lie detector test

Welcome back to The Tab's daily Love Island gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web today.

Firstly don't panic, but Danny Dyer has been spotted at an airport

Our dreams are finally coming true and the most iconic crossover in history is about to happen. Danny Dyer is going on Love Island!!!

There's a rumour going round that new Jack and new Laura met before Love Island

Someone claimed the couple modelled in the same gym shoot, but The Sun got in touch with ITV and they confirmed it's not Laura in the photo. Phew, at least now we know the show isn't fake!

Talking of new Jack, apparently there's more to the "soup girl" story

During last night's episode, Jack opened up about the time he got dumped by an ex-girlfriend and how seeing a can of soup he bought for her the week before they broke up brought him to tears. An insider who knows Jack and the girl he's talking about has revealed there's "more to that story" and that the girl definitely wouldn't want it to be made public. Hmmm. ?☕️

He's also good friends with Jess Wright from TOWIE

Jess posted a video of her and Jack in an Insta story last night. It shows them both singing in her car.

She captioned it with: "So glad he's been saved. He doesn't have to put up with my bum notes anytime soon." Are they friends? Are they more? Is she soup girl?

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As of this morning, Georgia and Sam are finally official!!!

They became boyfriend and girlfriend on Good Morning Britain, because the ex-Islanders clearly can't function without cameras around them.

Georgia knows Dom from last year's season from back home

Yet another Love Island connection that PROVES THE SHOW IS FIXED.

Georgia was forced to re-watch that kiss with new Jack, got booed by the audience and was STILL adamant she remained loyal

She also refused to apologise to Ellie when Caroline asked if she would. It was all very awkward. Watch the video here:

Georgia on Aftersun

This is so awkward

Posted by The Holy Church of Love Island on Monday, July 23, 2018

Ellie may have moved in with Charlie but they're halving all the bills

During last night's Aftersun Ellie and Charlie finally revealed they're living together in London after being together for a grand total of two weeks. But it's fine guys, because they're splitting the Ubers and restaurant bills 50/50.

Remember that old man people saw swimming in the Love Island pool? Yeah, it was Charlie

Turns out Charlie was just doing his laps and people mistook him for a middle-aged intruder. He revealed it was him on Love Island Aftersun last night.

Charlie and Muggy Mike are hanging out together

And all of Charlie's fans are vowing to unfollow him after his Aftersun appearance and posting this picture. Savage.

Muggy Mike & Snakey Brakey ?

A post shared by Charlie Brake (@charliebrake1) on Jul 21, 2018 at 5:25pm PDT

Stephanie (the one with the wonky sunglasses) says Sam "promised" to pick her before leaving with Georgia

When asked whether Steph thought Sam would pick her, she told The Mirror: "I did genuinely think he was going to pick me. I asked him a lot if I needed to worry about Georgia, but he assured me that his situation was self-inflicted and that he could have left and there was a reason why he didn’t.

"Part of me was wary as I wondered that if we coupled up that I would always be looking over my shoulder but I did genuinely think up until the recoupling that he would pick me." Awks.

The original couple, Niall and Kendall, were pictured together at ITV's summer party

Look who I bumped into at the @itv summer party ? #recoupling #muggledoff

A post shared by Niall Aslam (@niallaslam) on Jul 21, 2018 at 6:29am PDT

Niall and Kendall were originally coupled up before Adam came in with his 15 abs and whisked Kendall away. Niall captioned the photo with "#recoupling #muggledoff". Is something about to happen with those two again? ?

Dr Alex has an actual skin condition which makes his skin pink

Friends running his social media accounts confessed to OK! Magazine that Dr Alex can do very little about his pink skin as he's "on medication to control a skin condition which is sadly shared by a number of younger people." Apparently he is "very self concious" about it and one side effect of it is photosensitivity. Oops, now I feel bad.

Zara has "lashed out" at Dr Alex for making Adam stay in the villa

Speaking to MailOnline, Zara said: "I like Alex, but he was one of the main reasons why Adam didn't leave when he could have. Alex was one of the main people that convinced him not to leave and I think that was quite selfish of Alex to do that."

Cara and Nathan from Season Two are engaged

Two years after winning the show, Nathan proposed to Cara in the villa they met in. Nathan said in OK! Magazine: ‘I brought [Cara] back to where we met and took her on a little treasure hunt around the villa to different places which meant something to us. Finally, I blindfolded her, led her to the pool and got down on one knee.’

Cara said: “This is where we met – we’ve come full circle.” So. Cute.

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