Over 80 per cent of young people would rather go on a night out with Jeremy Corbyn than Theresa May

VKs for the many, not the few

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It could be the corduroy, it could be the three day stubble he maintains, it could be the way he speaks to grime artists. But Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity is on the up.

It’s unconfirmed whether this will translate into votes, but 83 per cent said they’d rather go on a night out with Corbyn than Tory leader Theresa May. We asked 25,000 people in our ‘How bad are you at being British?’ quiz a series of questions on our glorious island’s culture.

Jezza’s popularity over May – who only got 17 per cent of the vote – is strong. Corbyn almost got the same score as Prince Harry, with 88 per cent saying they would marry him instead of his balding-and-already-married-with-kids-and-off-the-market brother William.

Things could be on the up for the Labour leader, who just this week drew a crowd of 3,000 to a rally in Leeds. The crowed climbed trees, walls and fences to see him speak. Weirdly, The Tab was the only national media outlet to give him any spotlight.

So while Jeremy Corbyn attracts more young people, gets more traction on Twitter, and is apparently closing the gap with the Tories, polls still predict a landslide. But then again, what do pollsters know.